Your handgun is your lifeline.  Be it for home defense or carry.

It may be all you’ve got or it may be what you’re using to get to something better.  Remember though, when that gun comes out, it’s business time.  Things go wrong fast.

You need to know what to do, and that’s what good training is all about.  We teach the fundamentals – the baby steps to using this lifeline to defend your loved ones or yourself from violent attack.

Nearly twenty students participated in the GSL Defense Training Essential Carry on the third weekend in April.  Here are some images from the class, along with what the students were learning and some of their comments in the course evaluations.

Yes, this is the same class available to educators in June as part of our free “Teacher’s Class.”  That class is effectively at capacity, however, if we get enough paying customers for our July course date (July 20 & 21) to make it financially viable (as in we won’t lose money holding the class), we’ll allow the overflow of eligible educators to sign up for that class for free.

The class.

We teach students tactics and techniques that complement what their bodies will naturally do under a body alarm condition.

More importantly, we teach conflict avoidance, situational awareness and de-escalation.  Students will understand the judicious use of deadly force.

If the worst happens, we’ll equip students how to put on their game face, communicate with potential deadly threats and how to use their firearms to thwart a criminal attack.

Don’t mess with grand mama bears.

Then, we’ll teach how to navigate the legal system in the aftermath of a use-of-force incident, whether you used your Buick, empty-handed strikes, a firearm or pepper spray against a violent attacker or attackers.

Students can progress at their own speed.  We’ve got lots (and lots) of great instructors who will help as much as anyone needs.  We’ll help you excel; to manipulate the weapons system safely and confidently.

For more experienced shooters, we’ll fine-tune them in both technique and eliminating wasted movement.  That will help them shoot tighter groups even faster.

The best part?  Students will have fun over the course of the weekend.  It’s not 16-hours of sore butts watching endless power point slides and shooting 30 rounds.

Shooting.  Did we mention shooting?  Including learning skill sets like malfunction clearing drills.

Tap, rack, ready.

Not to mention shooting from “Position 2” (hip shooting in the Hollywood vernacular or from a near-retention position)

Along with “Position 3” or high compressed ready.

No, students won’t be high-speed, low drag after this class.  Participants will shoot at least as well as the average cop.  They’ll shoot better when they leave here than did on arrival.  And every one of them will be an expert at gun safety.

In the end, we sent them home with a good foundation in defensive firearm use and to apply for a carry license and to carry on a daily basis.


Something we did well? 

“Improved my shooting skills and gun safety.”

“The instructors are very good at putting people at ease!”

“Just about everything.  Barricade training was great.  Thanks for all the tips on the technique.”

“1:1 Instructor to student ratio.”


“GREAT INSTRUCTION!  Great emphasis on safety.  Great instructor to student ratio.  Great evolutions.”

“Great friendly instructors.  Enjoyed the shooting exercises.  Facility and staff were great.  Food and snacks were appreciated.”

“Really went into high-level detail on gun safety, proper process and procedures in owning firearms and all of the complex laws involved.  Very good real-life experience and wisdom and common sense.  Was engaged the whole time.”

“Trainers were absolutely wonderful.  They taught me techniques, safety and gave me confidence that I desperately needed.”

“Great info on situational awareness and legal advice.  Great fun shooting.  Every instructor was awesome.”

“Attention to detail for each individual student.  Awesome shooting, skill assessment and advice, tips and corrections.”


“Fantastic job helping shooters correct mistakes as soon as they happen.  And to do it in a fun way.  Love the jokes!”

“Every session was very informative.  The two-day class was fun while also learning.”

“Exceptional training – wonderful resource.  Well done!”


Something we could do better?

“More healthy snack choices”  (We had peanuts and raisins…  and chocoholic instructors).

“Free beer upon course completion”  <<<  That one had us all laughing at the post-Sunday instructor’s dinner.

“More shooting and barricades!”


Additional comments: 

“I truly enjoyed the experience.”

“Thank you very much to all involved.  I am a safer gun owner after this class.”

“Great confidence builder.  I’ll be back.”


“SO glad I took this course.  I will highly recommend to all friends & family.”

“Thank you for the knowledge and the fun experience.”

“All instructors were excellent communicators, safety was first, course materials were very informative.”

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  1. My CCW class looked NOTHING like that. Nothing like that at all. Can I take this and have it count towards my renewal training?

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