For $71.50.

Shop around, folks.

Or just submit without fingerprints.

Champaign County Sheriff Dan Walsh will be at the Tuesday night Rantoul GSL meeting.  You’ll have a chance to ask him why he chose this particular price point.

— John


Fingerprinting for Conceal Carry License Applicants


Beginning THURSDAY Jan 9, 2014 and on the following THURSDAYS the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) will begin doing fingerprinting for conceal carry license applicants.  Presently this servicewill only be offered on Thursdays, we will reassess this as we see how much demand exists.


The total charge for this is $71.50 which includes the ISP and FBI fees. You will need to bring in cash, money order or local personal check payable to CCSO for $71.50. We will transmit the FBI & ISP portion of the fees to the Illinois State Police.


Citizens who want CCSO to take and electronically transmit their prints and picture need to call (217) 384-1204 IN ADVANCE of the Thursday to schedule an appointment. No walk-ins.


The hours will normally be 8:15am thru 12:45pm and the 2pm thru 3:30pm. You need to bring agovernment issued picture ID.


CCSO will take and electronically transmit the required photograph as a mandatory part of this process. You cannot send your own picture. CCSO will give you a Transaction Control Number (TCN) which you will need to retain and put on your application when you complete it with ISP. Once CCSO sends the prints and picture, it is not involved in your further application and cannot answer questions about your application. If you have any questions or problems concerning your application you will need to contact the Illinois State Police Conceal Carry Section at (217) 782-7980.


Individuals need to arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment to complete some paperwork.  Please enter the front lobby of CCSO at 204 E. Main St., Urbana. (North side of Main St. across from the County Courthouse.)  Parking is available at meters on the streets or in the pay-station parking lot across the street and on the East side of the Courthouse, please do not park in any reserved spaces. Your entire visit will generally last between 15 and 30 minutes.



  • A pre-set Thursday appointment (call 384-1204)
  • Government issued picture ID
  • $71.50 (cash or check – no debit or credit)
  • To retain the Transaction Control Number (TCN) for your application


Sheriff Dan Walsh


6 thoughts on “Champaign County Sheriff now offering LiveScan printing…”
  1. I wonder what the Founding Fathers would say about modern day USA if they were told we need to pay to run fingerprints for the right to carry a gun?

  2. Is anyone else having paroblems accerssing their Il. digital ID
    (the begginning of the process for ccw)?

    Use internet explorer.

    Leave your caps lock on.

    Don’t use any punctuation.

    THose are common digital ID problems.


  3. The good sheriff here in Livingston Co. ,on the radio said he’de do it free to Livingston Co. Residents ,, only problem they aren’t approved by the state police yet , Sooooooo that’s nothing,,,,,:). –“”–

  4. How much do they charge criminals when they fingerprint them? i can just about bet it’s not $71.50

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