Public library computer work stations can be used to apply for a CCW license in Illinois.

We here at Guns Save Life have been trying to figure out how to organize a network of volunteers to assist those without internet access or those not technologically savvy in applying for the new Illinois CCW license.

It can be frustrating, to say the least, even for those know are on computers regularly.

We’ve hit upon a solution that’s readily available to most folks:  their local library.

Almost all libraries today have public computer workstations where you can fill out the required online application for an Illinois Digital ID and the Illinois Concealed Carry License.   These libraries also have document scanners to scan in your training certificates as well as a photo of yourself.  If you have difficulties using the computer or scanner, library staff are usually pretty good about assisting users in getting them up and running so long as it’s not terribly busy.



3 thoughts on “Problems applying for an IL CCW license? No internet access? Visit your local library!”
  1. I know nothing about any of that but have everything needed to apply I will pay you to do this for me who will help me where and when can I come to do this.

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