Graphic video. Don’t watch if you get squeamish about blood.


The first rule of using and storing a projectile weapon:  Know your target and what’s beyond it.

This rule applies to staple guns…  and slingshots as well.

Know that projectiles may bounce back, as this German gentleman discovered the hard way.  He’s fortunate in many ways.

He could have put his eye out, but he’s gonna need stitches.  Lots of stitches.

Skip to 1:20 for the gory part.

5 thoughts on “[Graphic]: Slingshot safety 101.”
  1. Concussion. Possible fractured skull. And of course bleeding.

    Sounds like an ambulance ride is in order to me. Hope everything turns out alright.

  2. He staged it, practicing special effects for his zombie movie. Great guy with a hilariously fun youtube channel.

  3. That’s funny! I’ve actually watched his slingshot reviews before. He seemed (“seemed”)* fairly knowledgeable!

    * I guess he wasn’t!

    1. I checked out the sling shot video on utube. Shows the one shown above. Then a video on how he made it seem like being hit (he wasn’t). A few special effects put in play and made a very realistic video of him being hit by a ricochet. Looked at a few more of his videos. He made one slingshot that is comparable to shooting a .44 magnum, interesting.

  4. I was waiting for it to ricochet off the back of his hand protection. Looks dangerous to me, but would have never guessed it would bounce that far back. Learn something everyday!

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