A great-grandmother in Shreveport, LA had her .38 pistol stolen in a burglary in December went to a local pawn shop and bought herself a new pistol for home defense.

Little did she know that less than a month later, the same burglar – a 16-year-old thug – would be back in a home invasion.

Devon Antonio Young thought he was going to score big bucks in the grandmother’s safe that he couldn’t break open during his first “visit”.

Instead, she handed him a bag with $55 in coins and two rounds of hot lead.

Dead right there.
Verona Escobar took a photograph of 16 year-old Devon Antonio Young who collapsed outside of her home after being shot while attempting an home invasion in the 3000 block of Moringside Dr. / Courtesy photo / Caption title by GSL. Caption by Shreveport Times.

The punk ran for his life, buy Darwin caught up with him less than a block away as he laid down for a dirt nap.

It’s a long story, but worth it.

Shreveport, LA (Times) – Killing anyone — let alone a teenager — was the last thing Elzie Pipkins wanted to do when she bought a handgun at a local pawn shop days after a December burglary. But a few weeks later, on Sunday evening, Pipkins found herself using that weapon to defend herself and her family — ultimately taking the life of a 16-year-old holding her at gunpoint.

“I looked him dead in his eyes, like I’m looking at you, and I said, ‘Please, please, please don’t hurt us,”’ said a tearful Elzie Pipkins as she recounted shooting Devon Antonio Young as he attempted to rob Pipkins in her home.

“I was defending myself, my grandbaby and my great-grandson. We’re innocent people and he came up on us in the house with a loaded shotgun,” she said.


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