Olivia Logue pulls the winning ticket last night as GSL First Lady Wendy Boch holds the door open for her. Dennis Reed looks on.

You remember we plugged our Great Guns V drawing a lot over the last six months or so.

Well, last night was the drawing.

And the winners are:

First place / prize:  Becky Pike won the Rock River AR-15…  An Entry Tactical with Dominator II sight mount.  Thanks to Hilltop Gunshop for providing our gun again this year.  Even when ARs are incredibly hard to come by, Hilltop always comes through for us.

Second place / prize:  William Smith from Petersburg, IL won the Kel-Tec PMR-30.  He wasn’t present and didn’t include his phone number when he mailed in his request for tickets, so if you know him, you might drop him a line and have him contact us.  Or he’ll be getting a letter here in a couple of days.  The Kel-Tec was provided by the Illini Country Friends of the NRA with our big dollar sponsorship this past year.

Thanks everyone.

We have yet to identify the recipient of the net funds – in fact, we have yet to tally up the final net.  It won’t be the $10,000 we made last year, but we did pretty well.

John Olden, left, won the monthly gun – a Taurus 4″ wheelgun donated by Peter Vallandigham from Paul Vallandigham’s estate.

Becky Pike, center, won the AR (the gun pictured is a stand in as our FFL forgot to bring it… whoops!).

GSL’s Pres. John Boch stands in for Mr. Smith in his absence with the really cool PMR-30 pistol.

2 thoughts on “Great Guns V Winners!”
  1. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who bought tickets.

    You can be sure that the funds raised go for good causes.

    Past funds have been used, for example, to help outfit the certified Olympic training center at Bloomington, IL, of the Central Illinois Precision Shooters. Other Great Guns funds have been used in the past to send kids to NRA Youth Camp to learn gun safety and fun.

    Thanks again to everyone who bought one (or more) tickets.

  2. I bought a bunch.

    I think we need to offer Olivia some training (additional training) in how to draw my bloody ticket! I was supposed to win that AR.



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