Anti-gun “activists” in and near Kannapolis, North Carolina turned out en masse – well, en masse for gun control folks – and demanded the local city council vote down an ordinance regarding concealed carry.

The only problem?

The city council was merely voting on a minor amendment.  The bill was passed a year before.

Nice job, kids.


KANNAPOLIS (Salisbury Post) — A handful of citizens appeared before Kannapolis City Council on Monday to speak out against an ordinance regarding concealed weapons — not realizing the ordinance had already been passed a year before.

Council members were simply making a minor amendment to the ordinance to conform to new state law. In fact, the omission of the word “playground” now allows citizens to carry concealed weapons in those locations.


5 thoughts on “Gun control rocket surgeons turn out a year late and a law short”
  1. And kids on the playgrounds in Kannapolis, North Carolina will be more safe, not less safe. Thugs with guns endanger kids. Good people with guns endanger thugs.

    1. I think it might be a “guy” – hard to tell.
      Is that bluish tinge 5 o-clock shadow?

  2. In lookin’ at that photo again, she looks like she’s trying to stuff that megaphone in her mouth.

    Honey, it ain’t gonna fit.


  3. Was just there last week on business. I will say I was glad I was lawfully carrying a pistol and had training. The areas I saw you sure want to be prepared for anything.

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