We toyed with reporting last week on the NFL – known by some as the National Felon League – rejecting a wholesome as apple pie television commercial for Daniel Defense AR-15s.

We were scratching our heads, as the ad would cost four to six million to air, minimum and we couldn’t see it bringing six million in net profits back to DD.  Well, maybe it was marketing genius on the part of DD, because just for the panache of making this ad and getting it rejected, I’m considering buying one of their products just to say thanks.

But back to the NFL’s reaction:  We saw the rejection of the ad just as offensive as the NFL’s decision to ban off-duty cops from carrying guns in stadiums.  And frankly, at the nearest stadium to us in Indianapolis, there’s precious little the NFL can do besides ask you to leave if you get caught bringing in a gun as a CCW licensee or an off-duty cop.  And frankly, the area around the stadium in Indianapolis isn’t known as the safest place in town, especially after dark.

Concealed means concealed.

We also find the League’s tolerance of Bob Costas’ anti-gun screed of a year or two ago as particular offensive.

Well, Colion Noir has done a nice job commenting on the NFL’s hypocrisy in his latest video.




4 thoughts on “Noir on NFL rejecting the Daniel Defense advertisement”
  1. We’ve been allowing this bunch of troglodytes to get away with murder (literally!) because we are addicted to watching them bash their heads in on the field. This should result in a wholesale boycott of the NFL by everybody who values their civil right, but it is never going to happen. Pathetic…

  2. Food Stamps and Sports: Bread and Circuses.

    Rome took a few centuries to fall… we are going downhill much more rapidly.

  3. Just got around to watching the video. The gentleman did a great job! Please correct your spelling of Mr. Noir’s first name in your last sentence.

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