If there’s one place in Texas, the land of lots of folks with carry permits, that someone criminally-inclined knows that the general population won’t be armed, it’s “no gun zones”.

In Texas, like the new law in Illinois, a sign announcing “no guns” carries the force of law.

Francisco Alcarez, 25, survived getting perforated several times in the parking lot of Whole Foods in Dallas this past weekend.  We’re guessing this wasn’t an attack committed by someone with a concealed carry license.

6 thoughts on “Impossible: Man shot outside “no guns” Whole Foods in Texas!”
  1. A gun free zone is a Harold free zone. I will not spend my money in a place that doesn’t like me when I am able to defend myself.

  2. As a hunting preserve a least we will all know where the best liberals are herding at. Remember to “hug your enemy” until they run out of bullets.

  3. I did a search on texas3006.com and only one whole foods (Houston) came up as posted and the sign was not of legal size (1 inch block lettering) which means it is OK to carry in under Texas law. someone should check this one out before making comments about guns banned

  4. That sign really does not mean much. without a 30.06 sign it is still legal to carry there. They would have to know you had a gun and then inform you that you had to leave. Also consider that it was in the parking lot and it has nothing to do with the store so even a 30.06 signage would not have meant anything.

    1. I was under the impression that in TX, if you violate the 30.06 signage, you lost your permit.


    2. I suppose that is possible, but I haven’t found any prosecution of violations of the 30.06 sign. Not to say there aren’t any but if it has happened it would equate to a fraction of a percentage. The sign in this store however is not a 30.06 sign so it wouldn’t apply.

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