Kevin O. and his best friend in high school?

Tell that to the disHonorable John Morse, the President of Colorado’s state senate.  Or Angela Giron.

Both lost their recall elections in Colorado which were little more than referenda on their support for gun control.  They lost badly.

Or the Colorado state Senator Hudak chica who, facing recall, resigned instead of facing a referendum on her support for gun control.

Now this minor league campaign manager is blowing his own horn that his particular race was a referendum on gun control?

Bless his heart.


Support for gun control helped a candidate win in Virginia

By Kevin O’Holleran

Kevin O’Holleran managed Mark Herring’s campaign for Virginia attorney general.

(Washington Post) – Political conventional wisdom has it that in a purple state, such as Virginia, support for gun-safety legislation is best played down. As manager of Mark Herring’s campaign for attorney general, I got a lot of advice. One of the things I heard most frequently was that we should soft-pedal his strong record and advocacy for sensible gun legislation. It would hurt us outside of Northern Virginia and wasn’t a voting issue within the Beltway, I was told.

Like much conventional wisdom, this was wrong — and we not only ignored this advice but did the opposite.

…Those perpetuating the conventional wisdom should take notice: In the end, voters were calling out for action on gun violence, and they flocked to the candidate who offered progress and a sensible, mainstream approach to protecting Virginians.

12 thoughts on “Anti-gun Democrat thinks gun control won Virginia AG election”
    1. I find the picture very offensive. I am an avid reader of of GSL blog and Gun News and supporter of the 2nd amendment. A photo like this will only degrade the message. I ask that it be changed.
      Steve Cook
      Tuscola IL.

    2. And I am offended by your being offended. This is a pic of two morons acting like the loser morons they are in real life not just reel life.
      With you being from illannoy you’ve got no dog in this until you people start voting out the stooges who suppress you all. Also your state is the one that sent Obummer and his merry band of thugs to DC. Shame on your whole state

    3. Easy bear, we’re all on the same side here. You’re reacting to the updated picture – not the original which featured a mentally disabled person.

      As far as Killinois – tell me about it. I don’t defend the state government one bit. But blaming us right-minded folks because we’ve been overrun by Obamasons is sort of like blaming YOU because the nation has been similarly overrun by Obamasons.

  1. I’m with Steve on this. My wife works with Downs syndrome kids. A pic of the Stooges would work just as well.

  2. i guess all “those” federal workers who work in DC in guarded buildings just wanted Virginia to look like downtown DC with their effective gun control. Like a east coast “CHICAGO”. Watch a thug go DEAR hunting.

  3. Good call, John and thanks. It wasn’t an issue with offense towards the anti-gunner morons, but rather no need to insult folks with disabilities by likening them to gun-bigot scum. The disabled folks I know have good hearts and know right from wrong.

    Thanks again for taking the high road.

  4. The people have spoken… and apparently they love their new governor. Looks like I’ll soon add Virginia to my states that I no longer do business with!

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