Shelley Leeson from the Twin Cities Gun Owners & Carry Forum ( ) just finished producing a wonderful 2.5 minute video showing the real face (s) of carry permit holders in Minnesota.

Contrary to what the gun-grabbing bigots over at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence think, not a one of them has horns, is wearing home-made body armor or is posing outside of their trailer.

We salute Shelley and her compatriots in Minnesota for a wonderful, positive video.

See it for yourself.

9 thoughts on “And I Carry – The real face of permit to carry holders in MN”
  1. 1. She lives in a place called zimmerman? I would have left that part out. 2. Guy is carrying his tda sig with the hammer cocked.

  2. Are these the same people who, according to the freedom hating liberals will be spilling blood in the streets and killing everyone over parking spots ??? VERY nice video !!!!!, Illinois could use this when CCW is implemented.

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