Better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

That goes for being a racist bunghole too.

But give Mayors Against Gun member Gordon Jenkins a few drinks and he’s eager to open his mouth for all to see and hear what a racist idiot he really is…  and what he thinks of white employees of his town.  Oh, and black employees too, after he in essence called a black cop a traitor for not letting the good mayor walk free.  Some of the pigs are more equal than others, he apparently thought.

What an ass!

A racist one at that.

These are the people who want to take away my right, and your right, to defend yourself with meaningful tools.  They want to recreate past tyrannies – and as members of the “ruling class” they believe themselves exempt from the laws for the little people.

This mayor exemplifies all of that.

In fact, according to the local paper, this is the mayor’s THIRD arrest in five years.

Times Herald-Record

MONTICELLO, NY — The former head of the Sullivan County NAACP and two of Monticello’s leading businessmen are calling for Mayor Gordon Jenkins to resign in the wake of his weekend arrest on drunken driving, resisting arrest and other charges.

They join Village Board member Carmen Rue, Jenkins’ frequent critic, who has called for Jenkins “to be fired immediately.”

The arrest is Jenkins’ third during his five years as a mayor. He pleaded not guilty to the charges — all misdemeanors — before being released on $2,500 bail.

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4 thoughts on “RACIST MAIG MAYOR BUSTED: Racism on tape for all to see”
  1. Well, 5-minutes was all I could handle.

    …on a side note, please remember that when interacting with the authorities, it’s safe assume you are being recorded at all times.

  2. I guess no more “names” was to mean not his name on the arrest bloater. It’s like no one “died” defense. Maybe ther is some outside indirect pressure was on him, like a letter of notice from his health insurance co.

  3. Typical not my fault,been picked on forever behavior.Maybe al and jessie can help. bloomberg sure has alot of good people on his side.

  4. Typical racist. When you have no other argument left you whip out the race card. Trouble is, the race card is all played out and no one wants to hear that nonsense anymore.

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