We bring you a guest post by Brooke Brown.

Gun Control: Are Sales Increasing?

by Brooke Brown

In an attempt to curb gun violence, the government inadvertently caused a huge increase in ammunition and gun sales caused by the fear of gun sales restrictions being imposed.  However, prior to President Obama’s anti-gun campaign, the increase in gun sales is and has been steadily growing.  Over a ten year period, from 2002 to 2011 there was a 54.1% in NIC’s checks (National Instant Criminal Background Check System), steadily growing year after year.

Steve Sanetti, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reported in January 2012 that despite the recession in many areas of business, the gun industry is steadily growing, adding that the industry maintained employment figures through all retail levels during the economic crisis.

Gun company’s profits confirm this report of increased gun sales

Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. produced and shipped over one million firearms, donating $1,254,000 to the NRA over year-long period in 2011 during its “Gun Challenge to Benefit the NRA” challenge.  Another gun manufacturer, Smith & Wesson Holding Corp had a 20% rise in gun sales in 2012.  Many handgun manufacturers report a sales increase in what are termed assault rifles and handguns. Since 2011 the production of U.S. semi-automatic pistols has risen every year after a drop in 2011.

Sales figures were already increasing before the election of President Obama, due to how Americans feel about guns; only 26% showed an interest in banning guns today, with 73% opposing placing bans on guns. This has risen from 60% wanting a ban on handguns in 1959 according to Gallup.  After the proposed gun ban was expressed, gun stores reported low inventories on their websites bringing in hoards of customers wanting to ensure they did not miss out. Bare shelves and gun cases were reported in many states.  Some federal and state officials called for a ban or restriction on high-capacity magazines which resulted in magazines fetching five times more than their price previously, being sold quickly all across the country, with many retailers going out of stock quickly.  Along that route, comes the increase in gun safes being bought by gun owners.

Rapid Growth in Gun Sales

The significant climb in gun sales after Obama’s re-election and the Connecticut’s school shooting in Newtown showed no signs of abating which prompted the President to propose new gun laws.  The criminal record background checks carried out prior to gun sales also show the rapid increase in sales as stated by the NSSF’s (gun industry trading group) analysis of federal data.  These records indicate that 2.2 million background checks took place in one month, an increase of 58.6% since 2011 over the same time period. Gun dealers have reported that they have never seen such a demand for gun sales.

The gun used by [Scumbag’s name redacted] during the Newtown shooting, resulting in the death of six adults and twenty children became a sought after rifle. Jack Smith, an independent gun dealer in Des Moines said he could have sold 1,000 AR-15s in a week if he had the stock.

Gun Control Support Groups

The White House was urged to spend their energy and capital on establishing universal background checks and prevention of gun trafficking as opposed to focusing on assault weapons bans which would be difficult to pass.  Many gun customers also stated that thorough, stricter background checks were welcomed but assault weapons bans were not.

The debates continue whilst the sales of guns increases.



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