A car-load of people pass by an Amish buggy and shoot the horse.  How wrong is that?

It’s just evil.

I got $10 that says it was those darn Canadians coming across from the border that did it too.


Amish horse killed in drive-by shooting

(Philadelphia Inquirer) – A horse pulling an Amish buggy was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting Sunday night in rural Lancaster Co., police said.

Five passengers were riding in the vehicle as it traveled northbound on North Ronks Rd. in East Lampeter Township, about a quarter mile from Route 30.

At about 9 p.m., they heard a loud noise as a car passed by.

“They didn’t think it was anything,” said Sgt. Brian Cloonan. “They thought it was a firecracker at the time.”

At their destination, a farm in Ronks, one of the passengers discovered the horse was bleeding from its mouth.  A bullet wound stained the horse’s torso.

The horse died before a veterinarian could arrive.

None of the buggy passengers were injured.

Cloonan said it was the first and only incident of a drive-by shooting of an Amish horse he could recall.

5 thoughts on “Amish horse killed in drive by shooting.”
  1. Savages…. theres a special place in hell for mutts that do stuff like that… and sooner or later, in this life or the next someone is gonna get even with a pair of pliers and a drill… I would venture a guess as to who did this, but it is not productive….

  2. That shows the stamina and heart of a nobile creature, to continue his journey to the home destination while injured, taking his passengers safely home. May God treat the perpetrator with justice at the appropiate time.

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