Portland (KGW) – Police released a video Thursday of a rapid-fire shootout that occurred on Interstate 84.

Oregon State Police released dramatic dashboard camera footage of an officer-involved shooting on August 29 that killed 34-year-old John Van Allen II.

Allen, a military veteran, was taking his three children on a road trip when he was pulled over by state police.

…Allen was found several miles down the road, killed by a single bullet to the chest. Zistel sustained a mild gunshot wound. The children were unharmed.

Just goes to show that just because you score a good hit, doesn’t mean the aggressor will cease their attack.

In this video, the assailant looked uninjured and scrambled back into his car and drove away, only to expire a few miles down the road after exsanguinating (that’s “bleeding to death” for low-information voters).

Frankly, the early stages of this video gave me the chills, personally, as they brought back memories of a similar encounter I had in Montgomery, AL that thankfully had a happier ending for all involved.

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  1. sucks when a CC’er shoots a cop for no reason at all. Not good for the movement…

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