Oct 3, 2013





Excitement at the Capitol today.

5 thoughts on “Lockdown…”
  1. Congress applauded the killing of this woman. The early reports claiming she fired on police are false.

    The woman approached a check point drill and apparently became frightened, because of her fear she tried to leave the area hitting a barrier.

    I see no glory or honor in this womans death but i do see an over-reaction by the powers involved.

    Since 9-11-2001 we are told by the media, bad people are going to get us. At the same time they promote a policy of disarmament.

    A woman in fear of her life and the life of her child running from men pointing guns at her is not reason to commit murder.

  2. Whatever. Happened to the idea. Of causing a vehicle to be stopped, by whatever means was nessicary to stop it shoot out the tires block it in what ever was effective. Now they just kill the driver and hope it crashes into a tree. So as not to hurt anyone else !! Is this the way they are teaching law enforcement. Today. ?? That’s really sad. !!!

  3. The guy in the prone sniper position was transferred to the open plaza area World War II memorial to prevent people from stealing governmint concrete.

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