No arrests have been made in the case of stolen gun show signs in Effingham.

Earlier, we had identified Larry Micenheimer as the suspect and said he had been arrested.

That is incorrect.

There have been no arrests and the case has been turned over to a special prosecutor.

We regret the incorrect information.


Investigation Into Theft of Signs Continues; No Arrests Made

(The X Radio) – Authorities say an investigation continues into the alleged theft of signs that had promoted a gun show in Effingham, but no arrests have been made.

Effingham city police Thursday said they investigated the theft of signs and then turned over information they gathered to the Effingham County State’s Attorney’s office.

The State’s Attorney’s office Thursday said no arrest has been made in the incident, and said the matter has been turned over to a special prosecutor to investigate.

7 thoughts on “No arrests have been made in Effingham gun sign theft case”
  1. This internet is a wonderful thing, though sometimes we have to just SLOW DOWN a bit, eh?

    Carry on, John.

  2. I hope the SA does make an arrest.

    I’m sick and tired of the double standard that gets applied to gun owners.

  3. Because the suspect knows Brian Kibler, the SA.

    As a former city council member, he knows a lot of the cops and prosecutors there.

  4. …you just got a sock put in it.
    Now I don’t care you are…
    That’s funny right there.
    Git er doooone!
    Buuuut seriously, the internet affords a view into the mindset of so many. Copy and paste and cache affords the masses easy access to demonstrating the mettle of oh so many. It’s not so much about slowing down as it is about keeping it real.

    In this example, if one claims “arrest ” it either came from a source who or that can be named OR it was assumed. Keeping it real involves reporting assumptions as opinion rather than presenting that opinion as fact.

    Guess what when first principals are adhered to -especially when it’s hardest – these kinds of rows of retractions don’t happen. And folks don’t find themselves arguing against that which they once either argued for or impeded others from arguing against.

    Sometimes, people let “the precious” cloud their judgment and they make profound mistakes because of it. It can be money, it can be the desire to be “first”, it can be Charlie Sheen “winning” or it can be as simple as arrogance and aloofness (see Barry Soetoro), it can even be a sense of just deserts, but one thing remains true across those contexts – those who either don’t have serious first principals in the first place or those who do have them,yet abandon them when seemingly expedient, endlessly find themselves in the situation if having to backtrack, back peddle and obfuscate trying to avoid the painfully obvious. Others just admit it openly and honestly, recognizing the base error for what it actually is.

    Beware the precious because it’s almost always a “be careful what you wish for scenario in the end. I sure hope you meant those simple words john and going forward you prove it faithfully. Everyone will better off if that’s the case.

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