Justice Posner.


It looks as though the hearing seeking immediate relief before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals fell flat on its face today.

We’ll have more as it becomes available.

4 thoughts on “Shepard hearing didn’t go well this morning…”
  1. Greed! The concealed carry only bunch running this show couldn’t seem to read the law, and Judge Posner slapped them down with justification.

    In the People b Agular the court was clear that Illinois residents have a right to bear arms outside the home. They also said the state could regulate but not deny those rights. The concealed carry only bunch driving this bus stupidly asked Judge Posner to change a timetable on a regulation over concealed carry rather than saying, yes, concealed carry is regulated but as of now denied so until the ISP starts handing out privilege cards we want OPEN CARRY because that is our RIGHT.

    If some sort of carry outside the home is a right, and if concealed carry is already law, but that law still prohibits any carry, then OPEN CARRY is a right.

    The end result of that strategy almost certainly would have been two fold. First we would be able to open carry today. Secondly, the ISP would go into high gear approving concealed carry permits to minimize their irrational fear of open carry.

    But no, the organizations that brought their hopeless argument back to Judge Posner hate open carry as a right almost as much as the most rabid anti’s. There is no training money in a right after all.

    So, because of this prejudice and their wish to trade rights for privileges, the ISP is now emboldened to tale as long as possible to issue carry licenses. Next July when both of the ISP permit examiners are on number 24 out of 300,000 you all know who to blame, and be happy that the right of un-licensed open carry will not compete with the paid training and licensed concealed carry privilege cards.

    Judge Posner was right.

  2. I agree with Kurt. Cementing the right to open carry in the courts is the best way to deter those who seek to make regulation of concealed carry as onerous and expensive as possible.

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