CHICAGO (NWITimes) | Cook County officials are concerned people who are not qualified to carry firearms will inadvertently be issued state permits allowing them to carry weapons for self-defense.

Perish the thought someone might be able to carry a ‘weapon’ for self-defense!

At stake is the fact that Illinois State Police are developing a process to issue the permits that allow people to carry a holstered pistol in public.

One of the qualifications for getting a concealed carry permit is that an individual first have a firearm owner’s identification card.

But within Cook County, the sheriff’s department estimates that about 4,000 people have had their FOID card privileges revoked. Yet that does not mean the actual card has been taken away from them.

Let’s see:  You need to have a valid (per the State’s computers) FOID card to get a carry permit.  Yet these gun-hating leftists are trying to suggest just because a person still has their invalid FOID card, that they are going to get a carry permit.

Cook County Commissioner Edwin Reyes, a former Illinois State Police trooper, introduced a resolution Wednesday that calls for the county sheriff, the state police and municipal police departments to create a “gun team” going after people whose cards have been revoked to prevent them from trying to use the credential to get a concealed carry permit.

Maybe Edwin Reyes is no smarter than Rachel Jeantel.

Again, I’ll type this really slow for Edwin Reyes and those of his ilk (and limited intellectual prowess):  It doesn’t matter if you have a card in your wallet…  the ISP will run your FOID number as part of the licensing process.  In fact, to become an approved instructor, they didn’t even want a copy of my FOID card from my wallet…  just the number.

Maybe Reyes is Jeantel’s daddy.

5 thoughts on “Chicagoland low-information political hacks fearmongering on concealed carry licensees”
  1. John, love ya, brother, but didn’t someone JUST threaten to sue ya? Take a breath, man! Stand down.

  2. The information is on their computer, right ? So ISP is worried that it is going to give those 4,000 people a permit and they will play the “system”. So you’ll take personnel assets from processing “permits”, responding to crime, etc., etc., to go hunting those 4,000 people down. Let’s hope somethings in the DNA strand don’t get pasted on.

  3. This just tells me how unsure these politicians are of the very system that “THEY” created. ROFL!!!

  4. As long as the people of Chicagoland are not allowed to defend their lives against crime and corruption, they will continue to be indentured servants to the politicians! Gun control is not about “safety”‘ it’s about controlling the people!

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