Think Progress, according the Wikipedia, “is an American political blog that ‘provide[s] a forum that advances progressive ideas and policies’.  It is an outlet of the Center for American Progress.

They aren’t big fans of self-defense or gun ownership.

They published a story today (a huge hat tip to Miguel at Gun Free Zone) touting how women who buy guns for self-defense are fools risking their lives.  They cite “research” by the Violence Policy Center, a group widely known for their “creative” junk research which is often little more than Google searches crafted to promote the story VPC wishes to promote.

How Guns At Home Can Make Women Less Safe

(Think Progress) – Two-thirds of women who own guns purchased them “primarily for protection against crime,” but studies have found that a gun in the home is associated with a higher risk for intimate partner violence and murder, particularly for women. In its annual review of crime data, the Violence Policy Center finds that there were 1,707 females murdered by males in single victim/single offender incidents n 2011 that were submitted to the FBI.

…The Violence Policy Center concludes that women buying a gun for their protection — particularly from abusive relationships — should think twice before associating guns with safety. “For women in America, guns are not used to save lives, but to take them,” the report states.


Yeah, tell that to Mary Shepard.

A woman who has been through a number of firearm training classes and who has at least one non-resident license to carry who was beaten within an inch of her life by a thug at her church where she worked as a secretary!

She was in Illinois and as a law-abiding gun owner, didn’t bring her gun with her for self-protection because that would have been illegal.

But she’s stupid, right?

According to Think Progress, it would seem so.

The only stupid thing she did was not bring her gun to work with her that day.


11 thoughts on “THINK PROGRESS: Female gun owners are stupid”
  1. Interesting position by Think Progress since government reports consistently show that the higher the level of resistance the lower the damage to an attempted victim.

    1. I don’t know if they mean women in general or women who are victims of spousal abuse. Women who are victims of spousal abuse suffer worse abuse when they find out. Also, if there are guns in the home of these “men” they are most likely to be used against the women. In situations outside the home, having a gun gives a woman a greater chance at surviving a violent situation as men can overpower women easily (unless they are properly trained in defensive tactics.)

  2. If they are having problems with someone…just call the police. They will respond and give you advice about restraining papers from the court. They will then leave. (unless there was physical violence and they can see the result then someone may go away for A Little While) There are some sharp officers that may suggest buying a weapon which may be the only tool to save a life.

    1. Granny, that is LOUSY advice. YOU go ahead and call the cops; when you have seconds to defend yourself, the cops are only MINUTES AWAY. On top of this, if you call the cops, THEY DO NOT EVEN HAVE TO SHOW UP, AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Ask the U. S. Supreme Court and several lowers courts. Google: Warren v. D. C. and Cortez v. Castle Rock, for starters.

  3. [The housing authority previously prohibited its residents from possessing firearms before the agency’s INSURANCE PROVIDER informed housing officials that the prohibition was a violation of residents’ Second Amendment rights.]

    But *everybody knows* all insurance companies want “gun-free.”

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