GSL fights against unconstitutional regulation of guns by law-abiding residents of Champaign County’s Housing Authority properties.


At, we defend your right to defend yourself.  For everyone who is legally able to own a firearm.

This afternoon, Guns Save Life President John Boch dropped by the Champaign County Housing Authority Board of Commissioners’ meeting.

At the meeting, the commissioners were set to vote on a new resolution regulating firearm ownership by its residents because the Association’s insurance company had notified them that their blanket prohibition on gun ownership by its residents was unconstitutional – and as such, the insurance company would not be defending or reimbursing them from legal liability claims reference guns.

So, they drafted up a new resolution with post-Heller Washington, D.C.-style gun control regulations, not realizing that they were running afoul of not only Heller (incorporated through McDonald, thanks to the City of Chicago), but also the new Firearms Concealed Carry Act which pre-empted local government regulations on firearms.

The resolution can be found here.  It begins on about page 34 of the pdf.

At first read, our biggest problems with the proposal are:

Click for full size.

Rule #4 is gun registration, plain and simple.  Can’t do that under the new Firearm Concealed Carry Act.  As for the registration of tenants intending to own firearms?  We’re not so sure that’s copacetic either.

Rule #5 provide a copy of your FOID card?  No big deal.  That’s reasonable.

Rule #6 mandating you lock up your safety was struck down under Heller.

They were set to vote on approving it today when Mr. Boch addressed the board.

He cautioned them to reconsider the proposed rule-making, and warned them that passage of the rules as described in the newspaper would likely bring litigation.

“How much money have you allocated for litigation expenses this year?” he asked the board.  He also cautioned them that the NRA’s headquarters was watching their decision with interest.

Here’s the story as it appeared in the News-Gazette yesterday:

Champaign (News-Gazette) — The Housing Authority of Champaign County board of commissioners could take final action Thursday on a new firearms policy allowing public housing residents to possess guns.

The housing authority previously prohibited its residents from possessing firearms before the agency’s insurance provider informed housing officials that the prohibition was a violation of residents’ Second Amendment rights.

A final version of the weapons policy will go to the agency’s board of commissioners at 3 p.m. Thursday when they meet at the housing authority administration building at 205 W. Park Ave., C.

The policy still prohibits residents’ guests from bringing guns onto housing authority property, and residents will have to complete a firearm owner’s identification form if they own a gun. Firearms will have to be kept in a locked gun case, rack or box.

The policy explicitly prohibits the discharge of those guns in residences “except when such discharge or use is made or done in self-defense.”

Violations of the policy would be grounds for immediate eviction, the agreement says, as would any illegal ownership, possession or transportation of a firearm.


9 thoughts on “Defending everyone’s right: GSL visits Champaign County Housing Authority Commission”
  1. The torch in your hand lights up their lack of wisdom and reason. Do this anyway violation of law(s) and torch will “burn” you.

    1. …OR the torch will burn them.

      I’m hoping they did the prudent thing and tabled approval of that resolution.

      I gotta tell you though, they were looking down at their papers and around the room like kids that who had just told the teacher the dog ate their homework.

      They didn’t want to hear what I had to say, but their hands are tied.

    2. I think #5 is a bad idea as well. Why do I need to provide a copy of my FOID to them? They are not law enfocement, or an FFL holder. The ISP are the only ones with the list of FOID holders and have refused to issue this lists to those that request them through FOIA, as a matter of privacy. If I am not breaking any laws, then there is no reason for them to have a copy of my FOID that they could easily furnish to whomever asks for it, law enforcement or not.

  2. I wish they would change the rules at our housing complex so we can keep our safety with us at all times good for those in champaign though

  3. John, Thank You!
    I too dont like #5 requiring anyone to comply is a direct violation of a persons civil rights.

    This is another example of why the FOID card law needs to be repealed.

    Example; if the Housing authority can demand a copy of a persons FOID card then the precedent can be set that others can require a copy of ones FOID card, such as an employer or local school board

    1. Perhaps. I’m not sure that would sell with today’s courts and general public, but I see your point.

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