Bravo to ISP for dumping a batch of instructors onto their website this evening.

We’re now up to 467.  What it’ll be tomorrow, who knows.

For the complete list, visit here.

6 thoughts on “ISP instructor list now at 467”
  1. They have not been able to handle foid cards. They have been in violation of state law in their handling of foid cards. I know of many that have applied 6 months ago and have not gotten their cards. The state cashed their checks though.

  2. Awesome! 467 people who can’t teach a single student yet, or apply for their own permits (as mandated by ISP to be an instructor).

  3. I just read the list. It sure looks like being an outspoken proponent of Second Amendment civil rights doesn’t help one move to the top of THIS list.

    I’m not worried though. I think my favorite instructors will be on the list before the curriculum is available and they start accepting applications.

  4. Looks like they added a bunch more instructors since this AM – now showing 744 instructors, including several GSL instructors. Congratulations John, the ISP apparently considers you to be worthy to teach CCW.

  5. Congrats John, Jeff & John! You guys earned it long ago, but is even sweeter knowing the State of Illinois also recognizes you earned it.

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