Here’s one of the kids, Khalid Caraballo. Looks as though he might be cross-eye dominant. Photo via Gateway Pundit.

We wrote about this yesterday.

The Cliff’s Notes:  Two boys were target shooting an airsoft pistol on private property about 70 yards from a bus stop before the school bus arrived to pick up the boys for school.  A neighbor called police, who showed up.  Cops notified the school, who suspended the kids based upon the “zero tolerance” for weapons at school.

Yes, the airsoft gun – not even a weapon – was on private property outside of school hours.

Anyway, the twits on the school board’s discipline committee voted 3-0 today to expel the boys for the entire school year.

Here’s your chance to make your voice heard.

Contact these jackwagons.

Be polite.  Be firm.

Don’t make threats or use profanity.

Tell them what you think.

The Area Code for Virginia Beach, VA is 757.

Let’s rattle their cages and make them squirm.  Let them feel the consequences of their hoplophobic votes.

It’s past 9pm for me, but I’ll be on them in the morning.

I’m guessing by then, their voice mail will be full, but that’s okay.  That’s why they made email and text messages.


From the Daily Caller:

The Virginia Beach seventh graders who were suspended for playing with an airsoft toy gun on their own private property have now been expelled for an entire school year.

The decision was made unanimously by a disciplinary committee consisting of three members of the Virginia Beach City Public Schools board, according to local news.

Khalid Caraballo and Aidan Clark are banned from Larkspur Middle School until at least January, when a new hearing will be convened to determine whether the boys can come back to school early.

Local news reported that three members of the disciplinary committee were Dottie Holtz, Bobby Melatti and Carolyn Weems. The Daily Caller reached out to all three, but none offered to comment.

School district spokesperson Lauren Wicks said she could not officially identify the three committee members who made the decision. As such, the district declined to answer specific questions, instead releasing a statement to The Daily Caller.

21 thoughts on “Make your voice heard: School board expels boys playing with airsoft gun before school”
  1. Emails sent to all three.

    This story is beyond amazing. How can you possibly violate a weapons policy on your own property when you don’t have an actual weapon in your possession in the first place?

    Answer? Socialist Sheeple.

  2. this is unbelievable..!!its almost to hard to can you dare get involved in something that did not even happen on school property..!!these children did nothing wrong but then you make them feel like criminals..what do you think that does to them..its getting out of control now and the American people will not take much all should be ashamed of your selfs..!!!

  3. Their big girl panties should not be tied off around the neck it causes blockage of blood to the brain.

  4. I’ve been following this story and getting more and more angry. Knowing that these kids were playing with airsoft guns, the other woman knowingly decided to call 911 anyway because it made her feel better. She should have been arrested for making false claims via the 911 system and wasting their time when a real crime could have been committed somewhere. I’d be going after her and the statist school board in court. Trying to classify a plastic toy as a “firearm” is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard of. It is long past time to defund the dept of education, and these people should be unemployed.

  5. No one has asked the question, “Why did the cops call the school.” They were 70 yards from the bus stop. Any cop knows that an airsoft gun will NOT reach 70 yards and even if it did, it could do no harm. My nephews have nerf washers that are shot from a “gun”. Would that also be against city ordinance and be reason for suspension. When did schools start enforcing city ordinances. This is NUTS>

  6. dept of education, school board, unions,etc.,etc., equals no common logical sense in dealing with reality. They maybe had a written agreement between PD and “educators”. Just plain rendition of “their” views of the constitution, bill of rights and american history on captive minds.

  7. I have e-mailed all 3 of the Board Members. I find this even more ridiculious when you consider that on September 26th Survival Blog had an excellent post on using Air Soft as an effective weapons training tool for kids.

    1. You have to realize that to these school board persons, the general idea of someone being trained to defend themselves is unacceptable.
      I wonder if the women on the board would prefer to be raped rather than shoot an intruder in their home. This is an interesting perspective since several women have been raped while home alone.
      In each case, the phone lines had been cut prior to intrusion.
      In any case, the quickest response time for the police would have been 30 min.

  8. Dottie got a message.

    Carolyn’s husband answered. I let him know what an appalling job I thought his wife was doing on the school board in this case. He seemed a little taken aback when I offered my name and number for her to call me back and hear it in person.

    Bobby’s wife answered. He’ll be home later.


  9. According to one media (not mass media) report, the kid shown holding the airsoft has a burgeoning record of bullying and increased violent behavior at school. Before we hold this kid up as the poster child for over zealous abuse of second amendment rights, we need to do a little vetting to see if he is on his way to be a gangsta.

    1. Innocent until proven guilty? Interesting take on things.

      Permit structures are guilty until proven innocent.

      Nothing like sitting on a fence so you can jump down on either side when expedient, huh john?


    2. To me the issue is not whether or not he is on his way to becoming a little thug. The issue is if he is being a thug at school that is one thing. If he is being a little thug on his own property before/after school hours then it is not the school board’s place to act.

    3. A record of bullying at school?

      The problem is that he wasn’t at school! He was on his private property. It doesn’t matter if this kid is the next CEO of google, drug dealing gangster, or normal everyday citizen. People have the right to do what they want on their own property. School officials have no business getting involved or disaplining a child when they’re at home. With the exception of abuse, child endangerment, etc….

      The schools job is to educate, not parent.

    4. WOW!!! Chill out folks! I wasn’t saying the school board is doing a good thing. You’re all missing my point. I’m saying we should not hold him up as some sort of 2nd amendment martyr because he’s likely going to disappoint in the near future. He may be a bad kid that does bad things.

      Is that the face you want to put on our argument that true 2nd amendment advocates are normal, hard working, well intentioned folks? Likely not. I’m just saying!!!!

    5. No one is holding him up to be the poster boy of anything except for due process and being treated unfairly like any of us or our kids could be if we let this stand.
      If he is a drug deal, bullying gangsta thug, then the school should do something about it when he is doing that drug dealing, bullying, or thuggish thing on school property or at a school activity. Otherwise, if what he did was illegal, then he should have been arrested and allowed a lawyer. Is that not what you would want if it was you or yours?

  10. If the school board authority extends into what my child does on my private property, then so does their liability. Next time my kid gets hurt on my own private property, I’m suing the school board to make them pay for it.

    You want to be responsible for my kids while they are at home? Wish granted! Should have been careful what you wished for.

  11. Before anyone is charged and found guilty he is supposed to be able to face his accusers. When did that happen? Did he get to cross examine the accusers or present evidence of his innocence? There has just got to be some kind of recourse in this case. We can not allow this kind of ad hoc meading out of justice. What’s next? School approved menus for mom?

  12. Elsewhere a person commented that they were shooting at kids waiting at a school bus stop (either this page is missing data or that page was adding data). Since the bus stop is school property the kids were under school jurisdiction. I suggested that since the driveway across the street is used as a bus-stop and another one a little down the street and… well all over town AND that since they are all now (unilaterally [and w/o compensastion now that I think of it]) school property and it is unlawful to have a firearm within 1000 feet of a school, that there is no place in town a normal person may lawfully own a firearm. Then I got accused of being overly dramatic.

  13. Has anyone noticed he looks like he could be one of Mr.Obama’s sons but no outcry from the White House!

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