The poor mainstream media are reaching for more and more outlandish stunts to get attention in their increasing desperation to gain online visitors to their websites and the occasional readers of their dead-tree, old-school print versions.

Doubly so for the old-school print magazines.

The latest prime example?

The Philadelphia Enquirer’s hair-brained proposal to re-write the Second Amendment.  They go out of their way to show they are a special kind of stupid.

Their proposed language?

“Because a well-regulated National Guard and Reserve, and well-regulated Federal, state, and local public safety departments, are necessary to the security of our free states and our free nation, the rights of citizens, while serving in their capacity in the aforesaid organizations, to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

They are asking for feedback on their proposal.  93% of those oppose their silly scheme.






3 thoughts on “Desperate mainstream media proposed re-write of 2nd Amendment”
  1. God help the Enquirer, when the “aforesaid” begin to take heads.

    Like the Syrian “rebels” and the seven Syrian military men, God rest their souls.

    When DHS and Social Security Police start beating hell outta 78 year old grandmas for the lil .38’s in their paws, we’re going to have a war on our hands.

    S’pose the Enquirer editorial board will be heard from then? What’d they have to say about the lil ol’ gal down at Katrinaland who was BEATEN senseless by our white boys in blue?

    Think it’ll be any different here? Shoot, I got my eye on a couplea rantucky cops right now!

  2. Here’s a comical thought. If enacted, that enumeration would last only until the government developed completely robotic police systems. At that point, what would be the need for “citizens, while serving in their capacity in the aforesaid organizations” to carry arms?

    Oops! Sorry. There is no longer a need for you formerly select few to have a right to carry arms to impose absolute order. You are hereby demoted to the peon class. Now, get in line with the rest….

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