“Safe Passage” is a feel-good slogan dreamed up by Chicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy and the mayor Rahm Emanuel to foster a sense of safety where there is none.

They have dragged city employees off their jobs and forced them to man positions along designated “safe passage” routes – everyone from firefighters to sanitation workers.

Yes, the garbage men and firemen are acting as cops.

The Chicago Public Schools have also hired hundreds of people (screened for drugs and criminal histories, we’re sure!) to watch the routes.

Garry McCarthy, the political appointee police chief who believes in exporting strict gun control, including gun bans, as the primary solution to the orgy of violent crime under his watch.

This dolt was quoted earlier this week as saying the fact that Illinois being the only state that doesn’t allow for its residents to have the option of carrying the means to defend themselves in public (from a political hack who has bodyguards!) doesn’t mean we were wrong.

Those hundreds of people hired to watch kids walking to and from school in safe passage routes?

They are leaving their jobs in droves, finding that minimum wage isn’t worth it to face the dangerous Chicago city streets, particularly in the afternoon when the bad guys have gotten out of bed and come outside.

How bad is it?

A week into the program, half or more of the workers in some areas have quit their jobs.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Just over a week into the new school year, CBS 2 has discovered some serious problems with the safe passage program, including street corners that are uncovered and, in one case, massive turnover of safe passage workers.

In one case in the Roseland neighborhood, half the safe passage workers quit last week alone.

On Tuesday morning, there were no safe passage workers at a designated spot at 119th and State streets.

The safe passage program was set up after the Chicago Public Schools closed nearly 50 schools, forcing hundreds of students to walk a new, and often dangerous route, to a new school this year.

8 thoughts on “Chicago isn’t safe despite “safe passage” signs…”
  1. How bout we guarantee safe passage for these qnti-self-defense political hacks to the edge of town,
    …provided they are wearing a protective coat of tar and feathers and riding on a rail…

  2. Those ‘safe passage’ “employees” are mostly the locals who are professionally unemployed, and not familiar with getting up every morning and being responsible. No surprise that they dont finish a week of it….

  3. Chicago is reaping what it has sown by continually electing statist Democrats.

    It’s electorate is a blindered herd of cows, deaf and blind to reality.

    Dump the Democrats and RINOs, get with the program, and witness real progress, not ‘progressivism’.

  4. Gun control does not reduce crime. The politicians know that. Criminals will continue to obtain guns and other weapons no matter what laws are passed. Gun con trol is as as effective as this farce called safe passage.

  5. I am in Chicago and I can tell you that the reason why masses vote for garbage politicians comes from 2 things, misinformation and lack of options. Only scum wants to be a politician in Chicago.
    The only thing that surprised me was how few people oped out of signing up for the “safe passage” rounds, I was expecting upwards of 90% in some areas.

  6. GSL needs a writer who understands basic sentence structure. To an educated person this article comes off as written by a high school dropout, and not a very smart one at that.

  7. Those signs were maybe suppose to be for those “gated communities” the political blowholes live in.

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