Life is tougher when you’re stupid… As budding rocket surgeons Gerald Allen, left and Johnny Calderon found out after they attempted to hold up a couple of University of Virginia students with a gun.


These two honor students on their way to discovering a cure for cancer had their worlds (not lives) turned around when they tried to rob a pair of University of Virginia students at gunpoint.

We’re not sure if these two were using a gun that won’t even fire a single shot or not, but in either event, neither got off a shot before the college students (and future productive members of society) beat them silly.

The local TV anchor asked if they two college students could face charges for defending themselves (over, and over and over again) against the two criminally-inclined cretins was told that wouldn’t be happening.

We can’t imagine any jury, unless it was comprised entirely of Rachel Jeantels of the world, ever voting to convict the students of anything other than good citizenship.

Here’s the story in print.  And the video is below.
Thugs got their butts kicked.


8 thoughts on “Life is tough. It’s even tougher when you’re stupid as two would-be robbers found out.”

    AND, on top of all that, they get to go to PRISON for a long, long time!

    Yee haw!

  2. Stupid has a cost, and these idiots just had to pay it.

    Justice deserved and justice served.

  3. Liberals will shout… at least the 2nd amendment wasn’t used . These two should feel real shame, their village is without an idiot tonight.

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