“Chicago:  Making monsters” could be their new city slogan and we’ll tell you why:  What kind of place raises young men who think it’s okay to beat a woman with a baseball bat, and then go on to beat a police officer over the head with it – and again when he’s already down?

You know, in the “Wild West”, where violent crime wasn’t but a fraction of what it is in today’s Chicago, they would have taken this individual to the local jail and hung him at sunrise and been done with it.

It’s a shame the productive citizens of this state will have to pay to incarcerate this piece of used cow food for five or ten years (hey, it’s Illinois where a four-year prison sentence means you’re out in a few months).

The uniformed Chicago Police officer who was viciously beaten by a baseball bat wielding man was trying save a woman from being hit by the man when he was whacked in the Englewood neighborhood over the weekend, Cook County prosecutors said.

Tythia Thigpen. Chicago police photo. Via Sun-Times.

When the officer tried to come to the aide of the woman who was allegedly being hit by Tythia Thigpen in the 5700 block of South Winchester, Thigpen took his bat and went after the cop early Saturday morning, Assistant State’s Attorney Amanda Pillsbury said.

Thigpen, 29, hit the cop twice in the head and was heard saying “f— it” before he struck the officer again, Pillsbury said.

When other officers arrived at the scene, they found the beaten cop lying face down on the concrete in a pool of blood desperately trying to stay conscious, Pillsbury said.

The officer went into a seizure when he was being rushed to Stroger Hospital.


We know you’re going to find this hard to believe…  the story finished with this:

…He has a previous drug and weapons convictions.

7 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Even for the cops…”
  1. I want to put this personality type on a boat. When the boat is filled, with 2-3,000 similar types, the boat will leave port, sail off in an easterly direction and never ever have the privilege to dock again at any port, in any part of the world. They will never be seen again.

    My new, almost daily saying, “Put’em on the boat.”

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  3. If your uneducated,low information voting baby mama named you tythia wouldn’t you be mad? “He a good boy”,says mama.Don’t worry mama,quinn will let him out soon.

  4. Does the law there disarm the cops too? Why didn’t he shoot the worthless savage?

  5. Take it out & kill it.

    We do that to dogs that cause harm, despite their having no ability to reason, so let’s do it to this animal too.
    And the next…

  6. They should give this “it” a sentence option of either / or for his criminal act. A 25 year sentence in prison OR shipped to Syria as a “chemical weapons” detector out in all of Syria. Breathe deep.

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