His “name” is Joe Manning (we’re guessing it’s a pseudonym).

He likes to grow and smoke marijuana.

Joe Manning: While I appreciate the comment (dunno why you removed it), it takes having space and having a way to get rid of the smell, right? I live in a top-floor apartment. Any advice you could PM or e-mail me? at theboxingcannabyte@gmail.com Thanks! PS: I do know I can look this stuff up, I have, and will continue to do so but I always take advantage of personalized and experienced information from people if I can.

He is quite the experienced knife fighter from a chair.

The title of his masterpiece YouTube video?

Knife fighting in a chair


From his Twitter account.

He’s ready for a war?  …or something.

His self-description from Twitter?

Former libertarian current liberal-democratic-socialist scum :P. Pro-Drug Legalization, wannabe comeback-kid, injured martial artist, boxer, writer.


11 thoughts on “Our pet troll revealed. Hi “Joe”.”
  1. How did you get him to come forward?? Looks like his knife fighting skill was from watching. His dad or some other nam vet or maybe saw someone ont v do it. I rather doubt that he may have learned anything for himself!!! Wonder if his dad taught him gardening do he could grow his own pot and not have to hit him up for the habit. Money…. Is that your dads rifle And your dads knife. And is that really you in the picture or that of your dads????

  2. As James Yeager would call him an “Orange D..K”. Living in his mom’s basement, and in between sessions of playing Modern warfare, eating Cheetos, and masterbating spend their time trolling anonymously.

  3. http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-viewpoint/082613-668778-epidemic-of-white-on-black-violence-is-a-fraud.htm?p=full

    But is there not an established tendency for blacks to be victims of interracial violence in the United States? Hasn’t that been the recent media message? Message, yes; truth, no. Here are the suppressed and inconvenient facts:

    About 90% of interracial violent crime in our nation is committed by blacks against whites. The black-on-white murder rate in the U.S. exceeds the white-on-black rate by about 2.5-to-1. The black-on-white assault and battery rate exceeds the corresponding white-on-black rate in this country by at least 10-to-1.
    Take that Joe…

  4. Knife fighting from a chair…. cute!!
    Dude… You are calling us out…. I can say this.. I do not fear you in the least, and when it all goes down as you say. I hope you and I meet face to face… Joe….

  5. “Pro-Drug Legalization, wannabe comeback-kid, injured martial artist, boxer, writer.”

    Did I hear writer? WRITER? I read a few words he wrote in his trolls. He is no writer either!

  6. Oh my God!
    This is the guy that always talks about Nam Like he was there?
    I hope he’s on some ones payroll to troll this site cause if he’s real Guys like this give the rest of us a bad name!

  7. We believe he may have perjured himself when buying those guns at a store as you must attest to not being a user or addict of prohibited drugs…

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