The nation is falling apart at the seams and the mainstream media, instead of investigating all sorts of government corruption and misdeeds too numerous to mention, chooses to instead tackle the tough issues.

Like Oreo cookies.

Specifically that “Double Stuffed” Oreos are only 1.9x stuffed.

Wow.  Our guardians in the media are really doing great work to keep our republic strong, are they not?

(FoxNews) – It could be crowned the great cookie controversy of the century.

Teacher Dan Anderson and his students were investigating the properties of the beloved Double Stuf Oreo cookie when they reached a shocking revelation – the stuffing is not actually double.

“They eventually found out that it looks like the stuffing in the Double Stuf is only about 1.9 times the stuffing,” Anderson told Fox News’ Shepard Smith on Studio B.

“That’s not double,” Smith said. “You know what double means? Double 10 is 20. Double 400 is 800. Double Stuf is less than double.”