Police in Ridgefield, Connecticut paid $29,500 last weekend to buy 103 clunkers.

Okay, there were a couple of half-way decent guns in there…  four or so.

Here’s what they paid:

$300 for a working rifle or shotgun.

$200 for a working handgun

$500 for a “post-ban” evil black rifle.

$750 for a pre-ban evil black rifle.

$20 for “high capacity” magazines.

Holy cow.

For that kind of money, if we had known about it, we would have sent some of our members on a road trip and doubled their take of unwanted guns and brought back a nice little windfall to be used to further the cause of freedom.

Ridgefield, CT (Ridgefield Press) – You can put a price on safety.

The Ridgefield Police Department learned that this weekend when the town’s first-ever gun-buy program collected 103 firearms from residents, including four pre-ban assault rifles, Saturday at the Town Highway Department.

“It was more than we expected,” said Police Chief John Roche. “The weapons came from people in town that didn’t know what to do with them or that didn’t want to bother with registering them under the new state gun laws.

Here’s a better picture of the “haul”.





10 thoughts on “You can’t fix stupid. But you can take their money.”
  1. looks like a lot of shotguns.

    $300 for a working gun? $215 for a brand new shotgun – turn it in, and make a profit. Why not?

    1. crossman 761 on top. Real wood stock made from 72-78 – value 30 bucks.
      I believe I see another pellet gun as well. Fool………Their Money.
      Oh wait -its not their money is it.

  2. The funny thing is Ridgefield is a very affluent town. Those limo liberals sure know to turn a profit with crappy old rifles.

  3. wish somebody here would do that… I have an old beat-up Turkish Mauser that’s worth about $60… but I’d take $300 for it if I had to. 🙂

  4. Hell….I would have dragged in a 2K$ crate of Mosins and walked out with 6K$, then stepped outside and called a TV station and showed how stupid the city was being with taxpayer dollars for LEO salaries.

  5. I’ve a box of thirty or so beat up FAL magazines somewhere. I think they cost me around $2 each.
    I could have turned in a nice profit……..

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