J-Fled, the cowardly former police chief in Chicago is now supposedly teaching for Troy Assymetric.

Troy Industries announced in recent days the hiring of Jody Weis, the former anti-gun head of Chicago PD, as an instructor with their training division, “Troy Asymmetric”.

Imagine that:  A high-profile firearms and firearms accessory manufacturer hiring a raving anti-gun political hack and touting it to the world!  Even worse, hiring a coward at that.

Why do we say Jody Weis is a coward?

Because he ran from the sound of gunfire, post haste, when shots erupted as he was winding down a press conference in Chicago during his stint as police superintendent.  It was so blatant that the officers at Chicago PD gave him a new nickname:  J-Fled.

Yes, he abruptly terminated a news conference, saying he’s “gotta run” before abruptly leaving with his bodyguard.  To everyone’s shock and surprise, he didn’t run to the sound of gunfire that resulted in another homicide – 45 seconds away – but he instead fled to police headquarters.  With his bodyguard.

His cowardice earned him at least one formal complaint.

CHICAGO (Police One) — Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis is a “coward” who had “cut and run” last week when he should have responded to shots fired 45 seconds away, a retired police officer charged Monday.

More than 20 years ago, John Northen led a group of police sergeants who filed a federal lawsuit charging they were unfairly denied promotions as the result of a flawed lieutenants exam.

Now, Northen has filed a complaint with the Independent Police Review Authority, forwarded to the inspector general’s office, accusing Weis of “failing to take appropriate police action” during the news conference Friday in crime-ridden Englewood.

After 26 hours of violence that left 41 shot and four dead, Weis summoned reporters to the 6600 block of South Marshfield Ave., site of at least two of the shootings.

As the media event drew to a close, an aide tapped Weis on the shoulder to tell him about the nearby shooting. Apparently unaware of what he was about to be told, Weis told a television reporter asking follow-up questions that he’s “gotta run.”

…“Jody Weis is a coward. I don’t want to see a coward leading the men and women of the Chicago Police Department,” [Northen] said.

“I’ve talked to people at the scene. Somebody even timed it with a mars light. He was only 45 seconds away from officers going in on a perilous assignment where one man ended up dead. He should have responded to the scene and backed up his men. This guy went the other way. He cut and run. He’s a disgrace. If he was a blue-shirt [low-level officer], he’d be an outcast.”

There’s plenty more at Crime File News.

And Second City Cop.

Even the New York Times reported on Weis’ cowardice and his nickname in a profile piece.

The raw nature of the superintendent’s relations with some police officers surfaced in a recent spate of violence in the troubled Englewood neighborhood.

When Mr. Weis, who has been given the nickname J-Fed by some officers, went to Englewood to hold a news conference on April 2, a shooting occurred a few blocks away as he was speaking to reporters. When Mr. Weis decided to return to headquarters instead of going to the scene of the shooting, John Northern, a retired Chicago police sergeant, publicly accused him of cowardice, and a police blogger started referring to him as “J-Fled.”

On top of that, Weis was such a failure as police chief that the Fraternal Order of Police formally called for his resignation after their members overwhelmingly signaled “no confidence” in J-Fled’s leadership (or lack thereof).

During his tenure as Chicago’s Police Chief, Weis lobbied and advocated for banning many of the products his new employer manufactures and sells.  He rabidly advocated against right-to-carry and gun ownership for the law-abiding in Chicago.

He instituted fingerprinting of anyone registering a handgun in that city following Chicago losing the McDonald decision which effectively struck down Chicago’s ban on handguns in that city.

CHICAGO (HuffPo)— The Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis says the department will fingerprint anyone who wants to legally own a handgun in the city.

Weis outlined at a news conference Monday how police will implement the handgun ordinance that just went into effect. He says the cost for a Chicago firearms permit will be a flat fee of $100, and registering guns will cost an additional $15 per gun.

Just this year, less than six months ago, Weis wrote an op-ed that appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times.  We won’t link to the Sun-Times because of their pay wall (we don’t drive any traffic to them) but we will share with you the first couple of paragraphs.

(Chicago Sun-Times) – The tragedy in Newtown, Conn., is forcing us — as a country — to have a long overdue debate about gun control.

Efforts to enhance background checks and limit the availability of high capacity magazines for assault weapons are both prudent measures that will assist in keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals and reduce the lethality of these weapons. However, with 300 million firearms in this country, we must more seriously confront what to do about the guns that are already on our streets, and the offenders who use them.

Troy Industries hired a man who has worked tirelessly to strip me and my loved ones of the right to own the tools with which we would use to protect ourselves from violent thugs.

For me, I’ve always recommended Troy Industries products to my students in the past.

No more.

Any company that thinks so little of firearm owners and firearms rights that they hire a high-profile political hack who worked tirelessly to deny law-abiding of their right to keep and bear arms has lost my business and I’ll go out of my way to inform their customer base of the reason why.

With the hiring of “J-Fled”, Troy Industries deserves the self-inflicted alienation of their customer base.

Nice going Troy.

Why don’t you bring Mark Kelly on board next.

And Gabby Giffords while you’re at it.



The Yellow Boy got fired.

32 thoughts on “Troy Industries hires anti-gun, cowardly political hack Jody Weis as an instructor UPDATED: Coward fired.”
  1. Science confirms that pastries ARE NOT the only thing that is JELLY filled. Since growing a pair is not a option maybe rent with a option to own might work.

  2. I guess I will be looking for a different brand of rails and back up sights for my rifle.
    I will not support a company who would hire someone like this.

  3. Just cancelled a back order I had for some Troy parts. Customer service rep informed me that Troy Asymmetric and Troy Industries are 2 different companies but that she’d forward my email and request to the head of both companies.

    1. Perhaps 2 different divisions, but ultimately the profits from both companies go to one persons bank account.

      I just can’t believe that they would hire such a rabidly anti-gun person into their company. Don’t they do background checks on their prospective employee’s??

  4. Separate businesses? Only for tax and liability purposes.

    Contact Troy Industries. Let them know your thoughts.



    They can hire whoever they want, but they won’t be paying his salary with my dollars and I’d encourage all of you to steer business away from them as well.


    1. Are they (Troy Industries and Troy Asymmetrical) entirely separate and distinct from Troy Defense, maker of carbines and other “scary gonnes?”

      If so we ought to distinguish them so no one boycotts an innocent party…


  5. The linked page is gone, and Weis is not showing up on the list of instructors. Don’t know if they dumped him or not, but the sure aren’t advertising it anymore.


  6. They took down his profile page – they certainly must be getting pressure. Keep it up!

  7. Cut and paste of an e-mail response to the suggestion readers contact Troy. (I cut and pasted this page with the link at the top of my e-mail):

    Troy Industries is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. In recent months, we have been more vocal about our beliefs, choosing to align ourselves with companies and individuals who are like-minded.

    In response to the reaction of our customer base, Jody Weis will not be joining the Troy Asymmetric cadre of instructors.

    We value the thoughts and concerns of our loyal customers. Troy Industries and its affiliated companies are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and will continue to promote this right through our products, statements, actions and affiliations.

    Thank you
    Allyson Ranelli
    Troy Industries, Inc
    151A Capital Dr
    West Springfield, MA 01089
    413-788-4288 x116 Office
    413-788-4610 Fax

    1. Your line, “…choosing to align ourselves with companies and individuals who are like-minded.” seems quite empty now. Jody Weis is famous for his anti-gun stance, his poor leadership, and his holding of a high position in a well-known anti-gun city in a well-known anti-gun state. Why even consider him as a candidate in the first place? I love Troy products, but now I feel like the company doesn’t have its priorities aligned with its customers.

    2. Exactly my point in a return e-mail to Troy: “Just out of curiosity, why would a gun manufacturer even think of hiring an outspoken supporter of gun control?”

    3. A Schuster. Do not confuse Chicago with IL. The State of IL is not anti-gun. we have no ban on mags or assault weapons and finally have the ccw. Chicago is a separate entity and has gun control which is not State Wide.


  8. Today, 8-21-13, Troy announced it WILL NOT hire Weis due to overwhelming response from its customer base. This from Troy Industries themselves.

  9. I spoke personally with Molly Troy about this. She confirmed that he was originally looked at for EOD training, but then was turned down by the CEO of Troy industries due to his anti-2a positions and history.

    He has never taught nor worked with Troy Industries or any sub division there-of.

    1. Sorry, but the claim that he was “originally looked at” but was “turned down” doesn’t hold water when you consider that they had already announced to the world (via their website) that he was coming on board as their new trainer. They didn’t dump him (and take down the page announcing his hire) until AFTER the backlash.

      BS explanation is BS.

    2. EXCELLENT point! Their own website announced that they DID hire him, now the Apologists-That-Be are claiming they never hired him?? I’m glad that I’m not alone on this!!

  10. Looks like the complaints did something for once. This is from Troy’s facebook page.

    Troy Supports the Second Amendment and its Customers

    Troy Industries is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. In recent months, we have been more vocal about our beliefs, choosing to align ourselves with companies and individuals who are like-minded.

    In response to the reaction of our customer base, Jody Weis will not be joining the Troy Asymmetric cadre of instructors.

    We value the thoughts and concerns of our loyal customers. Troy Industries and its affiliated companies are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and will continue to promote this right through our products, statements, actions and affiliations.

    1. In other words, “We were happy to hire a cowardly anti-2A douchebag because we figured no one would notice. But they did and we now realize that it will cost us money, so we’ve suddenly discovered a principle that we didn’t have a few days ago.”

  11. Ya’all keep reading. We’re going to have an article about another new hire at Troy Assymetric within a few hours.

    Fool us once, shame on them.

    Fool us twice, shame on us.


    1. Troy has joined the likes of hs precision in my eyes, hiring another jack booted thug to their payroll= a business who never see a dime from me again.

  12. LISTEN TO YOURSELVES! Have any of you Einstein’s worked in a large corporation for God’s sakes? There are many subsidiaries of Troy Industries. Troy Assymetrics is one of them that has it’s own director. Has it ever dawned on any of you that he made this decision on his own?! He, I’m sure has hiring authority. He doesn’t have to run to the parent company to decide when or who HE can hire. Instead of berating and criticizing Troy Industries and boycotting their products you obviously like, look at the director of Troy Assymetrics and question HIS judgement.

  13. I hear B.O. is going to be looking for a job in 2016… $20 says Troy Industries has him as a candidate for CEO…

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