Chicago isn’t safe folks.

You’re looking at a homicide scene in recent days in Chicago.  Police vehicles and crime scene tape.

Do you see the sign on the light post.  The one that says “Safe Passage”?

Let’s try again:

Yes, it’s a supposedly “Safe Passage” route.

This is, according to Mayor Rahm and the top cop Garry McCarthy, a safe place in Chicago.  A safe place for school kids to walk to school.

And last night, guess what happened?

In broad daylight.

With hundreds of people around in what is supposed to be a safe part of Chicago.

Bad guys opened fire and wounded five people.

CHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) – Five people were wounded Monday evening when a gunman opened fire on a group of people standing near a bus stop at a busy intersection in Uptown, police said.

They were shot at 5:57 p.m. at Sheridan and Wilson, authorities said. That corner is on a Chicago Public Schools “Safe Passage” route for schoolchildren.

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11 thoughts on “A sign of the times… Chicago *really* isn’t safe”
  1. Along the “Safe Passage Routes”, how about a series of GSL Burma signs – low enough to provide concealment, strong enough to provide cover, spaced just far enough apart so that the kids can run to the next sign when the thugs are reloading?

  2. What liberal puke dreamed that a little sign like that was going to move a gangbanger with a heart of stone?

    Oh, yeh. ALDERMAN HELEN SCHILLER. It started with her, didn’t it?

    What inanity.

  3. what would be funny is if the gang bangers started shooting up the ‘Safe Passage’ signs… but then they’d have to be able to shoot straight to hit it, so that’s not likely to happen.

  4. You can blame the punks, but it’s their nature. THIS IS WHAT THEY DO! There is also blame to be placed on the judges who refuse to lock up these jerks! I see it daily because I work there! The criminals are overwhelming the system, there’s no money to lock em up, and the political will is not there either. I see them go in on warrants and back out over and over…. You have to make the news to get any time…..and a one YEAR prison sentence is really only SIXTY ONE DAYS!! Less if you were in jail before trial. Why would they stop shooting if the odds of doing time are so slim, and they are so dumb?

    When you make a place safe enough for these punks to run wild, the good people simply leave. Are you listening, Rhambo?

  5. They never said it was a Gun Free Zone…
    just a “Disarmed Victims Zone”.

    Oooh! Oooh! I know!…let’s put up “Safe Weather Area” signs along the East and Gulf Coasts, and in Oklahoma City…and all up and down Tornado Alley…That should work, right?

    It’s patently insane to think that a sign will stop a nutcase…whether armed with a gun, a knife, a car, or a baseball bat.

  6. It’s the “village” that does not raise these thugs to shoot into the unprotected herd. Oh, if there was a GUN FREE ZONE sign, Oh, the destruction.

  7. What would be perfect is if a carload of these clowns pulled up to another busstop only to find that all the people they were gonna shoot were aiming right back at them.

  8. Need to lower the sign, make it a little bigger, and print it in Spanish and Ebonics as well as English and then I’m sure all the bad guys will read it and go elsewhere. It is the sign’s fault.

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