Chris Lane’s girlfriend Sarah Harper paid tribute to him on Facebook


We saw this report yesterday of the three teens who murdered a jogger out for a run.  We thought it appalling that three young people were so poorly raised they would think that shooting a random person “for the fun of it” would be okay.

The story has developed and now Australian politicians are calling for more gun control in the U.S.A.  Oh brother.

The scene.

Australian Student ‘Shot For Fun’ By US Teens

Oklahoma City (FoxNews) – One of three teen suspects accused of gunning down an Australian student in Oklahoma who was visiting the US on a baseball scholarship said the killing was done for the “fun of it,” police reportedly said.

Chris Lane, 23, was jogging along a road in Duncan, Okla., after visiting his girlfriend on Friday when he was shot in the back, Sky News reports.

A woman tried CPR and paramedics arrived on scene, but Lane was pronounced dead an hour later.

“He apparently was jogging. He went by a residence where these three boys were, they picked him as a target, they went out and got in a vehicle and followed him,” Duncan Police Department Chief Danny Ford told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, according to AFP.

“[They] came up from behind and basically shot him in the back with a small caliber weapon, then sped away,” Ford added.

The three teenagers arrested, ages 15, 16 and 17, are expected to face first degree murder charges, which could bring a death penalty.

On one of the alleged killer’s Facebook pages, investigators found the message: “Bang. Two drops in two hours,” Sky News reports.

The pictures of the accused have leaked out.


Yeah, we’ll say it:  Yet another attack by a group of dysfunctional, asocial thugs on an unsuspecting, innocent person.

We’ll also say:  Why was the race of the suspects conveniently left out of the story yesterday and only today, via Australian media, do we learn the suspects were all Obama’s “if I had a son” thugs?

If this had been a group of white trash kids gunning down a promising young black man out for a run, it would have been headline news, far bigger than even a rodeo clown making fun of our president.  Instead, because it was a group of ghetto trash shooting a white person, the racial angle was buried.

Well, it was buried until the Australian media let the cat out of the bag.

Of course, the alleged shooter’s mother proclaimed his innocence.  Yeah right.  Maybe if she had been a real mom, she would have raised a productive member of society instead of a young hoodlum accused of shooting a man because he was bored.

(Herald Sun) – THE images of three youths police say murdered Melbourne baseballer Christopher Lane have emerged.

The Oklahoma teens who face first-degree murder charges have been named as Chancey Luna, James Edwards and Michael Jones.

But their parents yesterday protested their innocence.

Jennifer Luna, whose son is suspected of firing the fatal shot, claimed her son was at home saying: “My son is not that way. My son is a good kid.”

The story goes downhill as the leftists in Australia don’t blame the amoral, asocial thugs who murdered a decent human being.  No, they blame the gun.  As if it had a mind of its own.

Earlier today, former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer has urged Australian tourists to boycott the US in the wake of the shooting murder of the Melbourne baseball star.

Mr Fischer said he was deeply angered by the latest tragedy and said turning our backs on America would help send a stern message about the need for tighter gun control.

Hey Tim.  The problem isn’t gun control.  The problem is crime control.

More from the Herald Sun:

…Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford said he had secured the confession of the 17-year-old who summoned investigators to his jail cell and claimed he and the younger boys were bored “so they decided to kill somebody”.

“He said he was the driver of the car,” Chief Ford said.

“They saw Christopher jog by the house they were at, they chose him to be the target, they got in the car, drove up behind him and shot him in the back.

“He said the 16-year-old fired the shot.”

It wasn’t racially motivated, per the local police chief.  It’s just the American media’s cover-up of the race of the suspects which is scandalous.  More from a LONG story at the Herald Sun.

Chief Ford said yesterday the attack was not racially motivated.

“It was just three clowns who got together and decided to kill,” he said.

…He also said the killer left a chilling message on Facebook before the spree – “Bang. Two drops in two hours”.

“They wanted to be Billy Bob Badasses,” Chief Ford said yesterday.

“I think they were on a killing spree.

“We would have had more bodies that night if we didn’t get them.

And the Australian media continues to beat the drum for more gun control in America…  so we can all be defenseless against thugs like the three in this case…

Ms Harper said she and Lane had joked about America’s soft gun laws before he was shot.

“He wasn’t a fan of guns,” she said.

Well, Ms. Harper, with decisions come consequences.  Oklahoma has a robust carry law.  If Mr. Lane had secured himself a carry permit and exercised his right to carry, or even open carried a firearm as Oklahoma law allows, perhaps the three thugs might have had second thoughts about trying to ambush someone who has the means with which to fight back.

The FoxNews story closed with this:

“Chris was a well-liked young man here on campus. His teammates thought a lot of him. Seemed to be a bright, promising student,” Dr. Jeff Williams, the Athletic Director at East Central University, told the station.

A bright, promising student.

Unlike the three pieces of human debris who shot him down for the fun of it.

We need crime control.  Bring back the rope and hang those scumbags at sunrise tomorrow.  Society will be better off for it.  Nothing good will come of them continuing their existence as oxygen thieves.

As for gun control: the Australians can stuff it.



The thugs:

James Edwards.


Chancey Luna. (Was his momma too stupid to spell Chauncey?)


Crybaby Michael Jones. Hey Michael, we recommend you don’t bend over in the shower.  We think those boys in prison are gonna like those pouty lips.


James Edwards with the murder weapon?


More snaps from Mr. Edwards’ facebook page…

Made hot.








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  1. “Billy Bob Badasses????????”

    Um, Chief, I think you got the races wrong. These weren’t good ol’ boys emulating Duck Dynasty bros. These are GHETTO DENIZENS doing what ghetto blacks do, have done and will continue to do til the cold war heats up (if’n ya know what I mean!).

    Shakespeare said it best of lawyers, yon long time ago, “first we kill all the lawyers.”

    Let’s modernize that.

  2. I wonder if the politicans there will not speed dial “BLOOMIE” on how to put the gun on trial for a conviction.

  3. How about posting an article on the rate of violent crime in Australia, and how it has gone up after they became a “gun free” utopia? I saw that info in the internet several months ago. Was rather interesting, but not surprising.

  4. Golly. I’m shocked more ‘Obamasons’ went on a murderous rampage. Who would have guessed. I was sure it was the Amish when I read the headline …

  5. Looks like typical gangbanger feces. I’ll bet if you checked their histories, very few of them are natives of Duncan, OK.

    Watch out! They’re coming to your town next! The new definition of urban sprawl.

    Lock and load my friends. Be aware of your surroundings…assess left…assess right…re-holster.

  6. The race war is already under way. The media and the government can cover it up only so long. Eventually the victims will start defending themselves.

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