The Brady Campaign, seeing the great success of gun rights groups in rolling back anti-gun laws and regulations through litigation, decided to try their hand at it putting online firearms marketplaces like Armslist and GunBroker out of business through litigation.

The Brady Campaign hacks, bought and paid for by the likes of George Soros and similar big-government advocates, don’t like the people can buy and sell guns privately, without Uncle having his hand in the mix.

And with the advent of online marketplaces for guns after online auction giant eBay banned the sales of guns, they have been looking for a way to kill off these opportunities for private individuals to conduct private transactions with guns for many years now.

Their lawsuit, Veseley v. Armslist, claimed that Armslist had some sort of duty to ensure bad things weren’t going to happen following third-parties conducting business.  Kinda tough to do, isn’t it?

The judge noted that “the magnitude of the burden that Plaintiff seeks to impose on Defendant of guarding against illegal gun sales, by altering its business practice to become involved in sales transactions between third-parties, is immense and, as Defendant suggests, would effectively put it out of business.”

Common sense, right?

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the plaintiff’s complaint is dismissed.”

Ouch.  That’s gotta sting.

Nice try Brady Campaign.

Happy weekend.


3 thoughts on “SPLAT! Brady Campaign lawsuit against Armslist dismissed.”
  1. Does the Brady Campaign believe that Toyota has a duty to make sure used Camrys, sold by one private party to another, are never used for drunk driving?

  2. Brady party does not worry about the fact that there are no background checks for the biggest weapon most people have annd that is a car. Has there anyone ever been barred from buying a car due to criminal history? Anyone can buy one even a 5 yr old as long as they don’t drive it on a public street. Don’t need a license, don’t need to pass a test and can drive it on their own 1000 acre ranch with no insurance if they like.

  3. well, i’ve bought and sold guns on gunbroker. what the brady bunch doesn’t say is that transactions are handled through federally licensed firearms dealers if a weapon is sold and travels out of state. so people still have to fill out dealer paperwork to complete a transaction.

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