Way to put those uppity women folk in their place, Harry.  Pose for a picture with them then throw them under the bus!

He points at them with his crooked finger and tells them to take their skirts back into the kitchen for another year.


WASHINGTON (NY Daily News) — Senate Democrats have abandoned efforts to pass a law this year expanding background checks for gun purchases — dealing a new setback to the drive for tougher gun laws after the Newtown school massacre.

In a meeting Thursday with a pro-gun-control group, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said budget battles looming this fall will make it impossible to enact the background-check measure that failed to pass in April.

“I think sometime next year we’ll revisit that issue. I’m almost certain of it,” Reid (D-Nev.) told the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, according to a reporter for The Nation who was allowed to sit in on the meeting.

One thought on “Harry Reid to Mom’s Demand Action: Shup up and go make some chicken pot pies, ladies”
  1. Close your eyes, place and move your hand side to side over the picture. Now quickly tap on the “tool”, the under age unpaid prop, and then, tap the gaint size snow blower converted to a mature spreader.

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