He got to wear his (alleged) victim’s handcuffs.  Xavier Tate, Jr. was tracked to an apartment in Glendale Heights thanks to his cell phone pinging his location where cops picked him up Wednesday.  Cops arrested him and slapped Chicago Police Officer Luis Huesca’s handcuffs on him extra snug.

Yeah, if you dreamed of collected $100,000 for dropping this wanted perp in self-defense information leading to the perp’s arrest, you missed your chance.

From CWB Chicago:

CHICAGO — Xavier Tate Jr, the man accused of killing Chicago Police Officer Luis Huesca ten days ago, is in custody. Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) announced the arrest on Twitter, saying Tate is “being returned to Chicago.”

Photographs shared with CWBChicago show a handcuffed man being escorted out of a Glendale Heights apartment building with a large police presence nearby. A second image shows Tate seated in a law enforcement vehicle.

Maybe he’ll escape and we’ll have a second chance to collect some reward money.

8 thoughts on “NOT GONNA BE CARJACKING ANYONE AGAIN SOON: Suspected cop killer apprehended in Glendale Heights”
  1. Escape + attempted jacking 2.0 = one dead shitbird in my neighborhood. The reward would only be the cherry on top.

  2. Now we get to see if he gets the “SAFE-T” “no bail release” again thanks to the “anti-incarceration” state attorneys/judges, ya think? After all, the scum-thug is a “POC”, (person of color) and one of the “privilege” crowd.

    1. I have little confidence in a proper adjudication and disposition in state court. Hopefully, prosecution can be commenced in federal court where, if guilty, severe penalties (life or death) are still an option.

  3. Hopefully everyone noticed the little snippet about being tracked via cell phone. A lot of people realize this. So, some people buy a pre paid burner phone. OK, good idea but remember a couple things. Do not have it on while at our home or place of business. Do not use it to call family and friends. Do not have family and friends numbers in the memory. Do not have it turned on and in the same location as family and friends. Certainly do not have the burner phone and your regular phone turned on at the same time next to each other as you drive down the street. At a rally or some other event? Use a 2 way radio, with a tiny antenna on the lowest power setting that allows for communication. No long winded conversations. Not 100% secure if using FM but their will certainly not be a data trail like using a cell phone.

  4. The only proper disposition for this asshole is to run him through a goddamn wood chipper feet first. At about 20% power

  5. Anyone want to be they let him go on no-cash bail? Anyone? Remember, he is no longer a threat to the deceased officer. Excuse me while I vomit.

  6. In the ‘old days’ this pos would have resisted arrest using force likely to cause death or great bodily harm resulting in being carried out in a body bag. This dummy keeps his ‘sail’ phone’ and is discovered through electronic surveillance.
    Idiot POS.

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