Years ago, there were many states that prohibited “restaurant carry”, which is licensed carrying of concealed firearms for personal defense at restaurants that serve alcohol.

In recent weeks, North Carolina has dispatched their prohibition on restaurant carry, leaving only North Dakota, Louisiana and South Carolina.

Not to worry though:  gun rights activists are working to bring those states around to allow licensed gun carriers to go to decent restaurants to eat out.

Of course, here in Illinois where we have recently won a very hard-fought campaign to get right-to-carry, some are trying to make a big deal (including the Restaurant Association) of carry in alcohol-serving restaurants.

Anti-gun politicians are trying to make political hay out of this provision of the new law, but they aren’t getting very far.

Some of those who are most vocal in their opposition have already posted their restaurants as “no weapons” zones.

That’s okay.  It makes it easier for all of us to not spend our hard-earned dollars with establishments whose owners and/or managers oppose our right to defend ourselves and families from violence.

Frankly, we’re ordering more “no guns = no money” cards to share with businesses who post their establishments as “no guns” in the coming months.  Even better, we’re looking forward to directing our hard-earned monies to establishments where we can carry.

3 thoughts on “…And then there were three: only 3 states now prohibit restaurant carry”
  1. As the gun control princes and princesses want to make lists of guns and owners personal information for public stalking and scorn. Why not compile, consolidate and publish a “list” of no carry businnesses to let them face the reality of this world. A round about way of seperating the “gun free zones” from the others.

  2. Just tell them they to stop selling alcholol if they are that concerned. That ought to shut them up pretty fast.

  3. Good call dave. I have thought the same thing. There should be a section in this website that lists carry friendly businesses and non carry businesses so it would make it easier to decide where we want to spend our hard earned dollars.

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