It’s a mess up in Chicagoland.

Some of the suburbs have considered gun bans.  A couple of ignored overwhelming opposition of those turned out and gone ahead an passed sweeping gun bans – bans not likely to stand up to an court challenge.

They haven’t learned from the City of Chicago’s expensive mistakes.

Chicago has paid out several large checks, totaling about $2 million to the National Rifle Association (word has it Rahm didn’t even get a free cap with his million dollar “donation”), the Second Amendment Foundation and the Illinois State Rifle Association, to name a few.

We’ve seen a couple of individual reports, and we’re sure there are a dozen more just like these.

(Evergreen Park Patch) – An ordinance that would have banned assault weapons in Evergreen Park died on the table after local gun supporters argued impassionedly against it during Monday’s village board meeting.

Evergreen Park was one of 20, Chicago-area municipal boards scheduled to vote on some variation of an assault weapons ban this week, following the passage of Illinois’s conceal-carry law on July 9.

In addition to passing a law allowing citizens to carry concealed handguns, the state legislature gave suburban municipalities ten days to ban assault weapons in their respective communities.

“I think you should be able to conceal and carry,” Mayor James Sexton said. “The problem in this state is we have no one acting in conjunction to get proper legislation passed.”

…Sexton said that the village’s only intent was to be proactive and prevent someone from walking into a local mall or school with assault weapons outfitted with large magazines of ammunition.

Mayor Sexton, you’re a dullard.  You can’t prevent anyone from killing people.  Murder is already illegal.  If someone’s going to kill people, they aren’t going to care about breaking a couple of gun laws as part of committing an atrocity.

We got this from one of our members in Lincolnwood.

I live in Lincolnwood, IL.  Last night – with no fanfare – the
Village board considered an “assault weapons” ban and I attended the
Board meeting.  I was surprised to learn that my village already HAD
an assault weapons ban;  the existing definition was strictly for
fully automatic weapons.  But the new ban would have included the
usual garbage:  flash suppressor, bayonet lug, pistol grip, standard
capacity magazines (anything over 10 rounds), even “sights”!

The Village’s contract attorney, a guy named Elrod (wonder if he is the
son of our former “Crook” County Sheriff, Dick Elrod) seemed to be
pushing for it.  Just to keep the Village’s options open, he said.  A
hurridly conceived, ill-written document (which I never got to see –
so much for transparency in Gov’t) .  Parts of it were read aloud, by
the Trustees or Village President.

Don’t know exactly who prepared
it but some of the Village Trustees were totally mystified by
it.  And no one (even the police Chief) could or would explain the
difference between an assault weapon and a regular gun.

Until the owner of Shore Galleries, a gun store in the village, took the
floor.  The motion to adopt the knee-jerk ordinance was made … AND

At last – some politicians with cojones and the best interests of the
Public in mind!


Cook County wasn’t pleased that some of “their” suburbs declined to pass new gun bans, so they passed a ban yesterday that specifically included language superseding municipalities laws *unless* municipalities opted out by tomorrow.

Todd Vandermyde, the NRA’s man in Illinois, noted the hypocrisy that the Cook County Board demands everyone there follow their laws, but at the same time, they flout state laws that prohibit them from passing regulations they included in their ban.  “Odd how they think they are above the law,” he wrote in one update.




2 thoughts on “Chicagoland rush to ban guns…”
  1. “they aren’t going to care about breaking a couple of gun laws”

    Not even that. They aren’t going to care about breaking a couple of MUNICIPAL ORDINANCES. Usually a fine-only offense. Legal gun owners generally obey municipal ordinances, as they do other laws, because they are LAW ABIDING. Criminals, who are already violating multiple state and federal laws by possesing their guns or using them in their crimes, don’t give a RAT’S REAR END about municipal ordinances.

  2. Did you see. Mr mark Kirk wants to help stop crime in Chicago. He offered. $20,000. To the cause … What the hell are you thinking. Mr Kirk. That won’t even make Make it by the first POCKET. Of That. Bunch. These guys want BIG. Money.

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