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Illinois Update: Multiple Localities Attempting to Enact Semi-Auto Bans before July 19th Deadline

Since enactment of the state concealed carry legislation, House Bill 183, Illinois localities have been attempting to pass so-called “assault weapon” bans.  House Bill 183 contains comprehensive preemption of handgun-related local ordinances for anyone with a FOID card and reserves regulation of all laws relating to the concealed carrying of handguns to the state.  It also provides protections to those traveling with firearms by providing comprehensive preemption of local ordinances as applied to individuals with a FOID card who are transporting firearms in compliance with all state regulations.

Firearms preemption prevents lawful concealed carry licensees and firearm owners from being caught in a web of confusing local ordinances and laws as they go about their daily routines.  Unfortunately, HB 183 also contains a provision that allows certain localities up to ten days from the date of its enactment to make laws prohibiting so-called “assault weapons” before this legislation prohibits local governments from doing so after that date.

With the deadline for localities to enact “assault weapon” bans being this Friday, July 19, several misguided townships’ leaders are scrambling to get something on the books.  Many attempts to enact such laws by local governments have been met with strong resistance from law-abiding gun owners in those areas and have failed to pass.

Recent attempts to enact such gun bans include the following localities:

·         Batavia – No ban
·         Buffalo Grove – Passed a placeholder ban
·         Clarendon Hills – No ban
·         Darien – No ban
·         Deerfield – No ban
·         Evanston – Passed a modified ban
·         Flossmoor – No ban
·         Gurnee – No ban
·         Lake Zurich- No ban
·         Lincolnwood – No ban
·         River Forest – No ban
·         Steger – No ban
·         Stickney – No ban
·         University Park – No ban
·         Waukegan – No ban
·         Winnetka – Safe storage of “assault weapons” ban passed and outright ban failed.

Cook County and the Chicago city council met this morning and enacted an updated “assault weapon” ban, a new storage ordinance, and, most egregiously, removed the right of 18-20 year olds to purchase long guns in those jurisdictions.

Localities that are still trying to pass semi-auto ban ordinances include:
“Special” Dolton Village Board Meeting
Thursday, July 18 – 7:30 pm
14014 Park Avenue in Dolton
Hanover Park Village Board Meeting
Thursday, July 18 –6:00 pm
(Workshop meeting with board meeting to follow)
Municipal Building
2121 Lake Street in Hanover Park
Morton Grove
Village Board Town Hall Meeting
July 17 & 18 – 6:00 pm
Village of Morton Grove city council chambers
6101 Capulina Avenue in Morton Grove

Please attend these meetings if you can and express your opposition to such bans on popular and commonly owned firearms.  If you are unable to attend these meetings, please contact representatives on your local (city, town or village) board or council and urge them respectfully to OPPOSE any legislation that would only restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners and be ignored by criminals.

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  1. Lincolnwood already HAD an assault weapon ban. It banned true assault weapons, ie., full auto guns. A motion to try to ban other items was ill written, mirrored the old, expired US ban … and died for lack of a second!!!!

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