You might remember our coverage (1 2 3) of Tio Hardiman’s arrest for beating the snot out of his wife.  Hardiman, of course, *was* the director of CeaseFire, the yahoos that swindled the City of Chicago out of a million dollars to “prevent” homicides by hiring gang bangers (reformed, allegedly) to use their street “cred” to mediate disputes between gangs and prevent violence.  Apparently that didn’t cover violence of the domestic sort, now did it Tio?  (He’s got some experience in that department as we was arrested over a decade ago for beating yet ANOTHER woman).

Anyway, this isn’t about Tio Hardiman’s significant other beating skills, but those of a guy in Athens, Tennessee who was arrested, then released from jail.

From there, he went most Riki-Tik back to the family home and kicked in the front door while his estranged wife barricaded herself and the kids in the back bedroom with the family self-defense piece.

While she was on the phone with 911, he proceeded to break into the bedroom, whereupon she mortally perforated the enraged man, terminating the attack.

The deceased husband’s family is asking if the estranged wife’s use of force was justified.

Well, gee, let’s think about this…


(Guns) – Last Saturday ended in tragedy for one Athens, Tennessee, family when a woman shot her husband in self-defense.  However today the nightmare continues for her, as the man’s family questions whether the shooting was justified.

Earlier in the day last Saturday, the Athens Police Department was contacted about Robert Vann Marshall, 34, who was allegedly irate, suicidal and homicidal. He was armed and threatening to kill his wife and children according to the person who made the report.

When police responded to the call, they found Marshall at a local hotel. He had a handgun and several bottles of prescription narcotics. He was arrested on firearms and drug charges, but as he was being booked into jail officers discovered that Marshall’s wife had filed an order of protection against him, but it had not yet been served.

Marshall was held for several hours and during that time officers obtained the restraining order and gave a copy to him. They explained to him what the order meant, that he was not to contact his wife or go near her or the residence they previously shared, and that if he did he would go back to jail. Marshall was asked if he understood, to which he replied that he did.

Marshall posted bond and was released from jail at 1:27 p.m.

Eleven minutes later, at 1:38 p.m., a 911 call was received from Marshall’s wife because he was attempting to get in the home where she was located with their children. She stayed on the phone with the 911 dispatcher and barricaded herself and the children in the back bedroom of the home.

Before officers could get to the home, however, Marshall had kicked in the front door and made his way to the back bedroom. While still on the phone with the dispatcher, the woman shot and killed Marshall.

4 thoughts on “Wife beatin’ (Tio Hardiman-style) man kicks in front door of home 11 minutes after release from jail, meets Jesus”
  1. She did not have the right to stand her ground. She should have retreated under the bed!

  2. sounds like the criminals are the victim now. I hate to hear of anybody get shot. but what do people expect to happen? for her to just get beat up again. those restraining orders ain’t worth the paper they are printed on.
    Just cause mom says to the child ” stay out of the cookie jar ” doesn’t mean that the child isn’t going to try to go behind moms back and sneak a cookie any way.

    this is about human behavior. and people who beat and abuse their spouses don’t like to be out of control.

  3. So what Marshall’s family is saying is that she should have not used a gun; instead, she should have taken her beating like she was supposed to. He probably wouldn’t have hurt the kids too much.

    And I can hear the anti-rights people now: (whining tone of voice) the presence of a gun escalated this incident; if she didn’t have one, no one would have been killed…

  4. Sounds like the rabid dog got what he had coming. No man has the right to beat women or harm children. The bad part is that the kids had to see it, but the mother did the right thing to protect herself and her children.

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