Update on holiday weekend violence in Murder Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s gun control utopia of Chicago.

As of 2:43pm Friday…

Violent start to holiday weekend: 6 dead, at least 28 others wounded

Chicago (Sun-Times) – Six men were killed and at least 28 other people were wounded in shootings throughout the city so far this holiday weekend.


They aren’t all scumbags killing scumbags…  some are scumbags hurting innocent people too.

Last updated 7:49pm Friday…

Holiday violence toll includes boys, 5 and 7: ‘It’s just senseless’

Chicago (Tribune) – With the long Fourth of July weekend not even half over, the toll from violence in Chicago stood at 9 dead and at least 36 wounded today, including two little boys, 5 and 7, seriously hurt while at parks with their families.


Again, all of this violence has occurred on the gun control plantation that is Chicago.

When will good guys be afforded the ability to legally carry the means with which to defend their families from the predatory monsters that prowl Chicago?

One thought on “Murder City, USA: Chicago sees bloody violence on holiday weekend”
  1. Yep. And it’s all the guns fault. The gun magically decided that 6 people had to die. If we didn’t have guns, the gangbangers wouldn’t have anything to hurt people with. They’d just stop hurting people if there were no more guns. / Sarcasm Off

    It’s sad that on this Independence Day weekend there are people out there that would rather kill others than celebrate our independence. People that kill for senseless means, and have no clue about why the 4th of July is a special day, or who wrote the Declaration of Independence, or what our nations history was/is really about.

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