Heya Chicago visitors and residents!

Welcome to Murder City, USA.

Murder Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor.

Chief McSh*tforbrains, er McCarthy, aka “The Weekender” for his drunken celebrations on the weekend, Superintendent of Police.  He’s also quite the accomplished street light assassin too!  And philanderer.  And he told the media he would train his cops to shoot civilians licensed to carry guns.

Can you say “douche bag”?  We knew you could!

Where’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

Okay, maybe Jesse was visiting his son in federal prison, there for corruption.  Of course, the Shakedown Artist himself is lucky he’s not in the big house himself, but that’s for another day’s discussion.

Seriously, Al and Jesse aren’t there demanding action because it is the gun control they both advocate that is directly responsible for this senseless, predatory and savage violence.  And there is no money in it for them.  Who are they going to shakedown for money?

I’m vacationing in Indianapolis this long, holiday weekend. Hit the art museum…  nothing but pleasant people.  Downtown shopping and browsing and visiting the magnificent war memorial in the downtown square, there were some squirrels but I didn’t feel the least bit undergunned with my G26.  (You’ve got to go up to the top of it the next time you visit the wonderful city of Indianapolis… and thank you David Acklin (RIP) for introducing me to Indy.)

Last night we went to the go-kart track and I raced.  What a rush.  Nothing but wonderful, pleasant people.

Amazing, in a town with nearly a million people, there weren’t scores and scores of people shot, a dozen killed and wilding attacks and all sorts of other mayhem unreported.  Nothing but pleasant, courteous people here in this city.   There weren’t people shooting it out in the streets, wounding 5-year-old kids playing in parks or 72-year-old ladies caught in the crossfire.

Why is that?

Because bad guys know there’s a whole lot of folks – tens of thousands – just like me with Glocks strapped to their hips, with the means with which to truncate asocial and anti-social behavior on the spot.

And while Indiana does not and has never required training to be issued a carry permit (unlike Illinois’ 16-hour-training requirement), if you’ve ever been on the Indy Gun Owner’s website under the training section, there are scores of active instructors and several large schools, affordably priced, to learn how to fight with your pistol in case you need it.  Anyone can carry a gun.  It takes training to learn how to *fight* with one.

Bad guys in Indiana who aren’t smart enough to figure that out – or who don’t respect that simple fact of life – pretty quickly meet Darwin and are removed from the gene pool.

Frankly, I feel so safe in this city that’s nearly half the size of Chicago that I’m considering not carrying today.  But then again, the last time I thought that in IL, I ended up chasing some a-hole who stole a purse from a car for over a mile, nearly puking my guts out in the process.  Nah, I think I’ll slip my trusty Glock inside my waistband again today.  Better to have it and not need it…

Here’s the story from the Chicago media on this weekend’s carnage.  And we’ve got most of Sunday to go (as far as the thugs are concerned as they are still in bed right now).

Chicago (Tribune) – Eight people were shot — one fatally — in a drive-by shooting in which two men fired on a group of people at a home in the Lawndale neighborhood Saturday evening, authorities said.

At least one of the shooters used a rifle and casings were recovered at the scene, police said.

At least 67 people have been shot across the city since Wednesday afternoon this long holiday weekend, 11 fatally.