Guns Save Life was dumped by our previous service provider and moved to a new server in early January of this year.

Since that date, we’ve been keeping an eye on our stats and yesterday, we passed the one millionth unique visitor to the website in less than six months.

Not bad for just getting ourselves into our current format late last August.

4 thoughts on “ONE MILLION SERVED: Guns Save Life surpasses 1 millionth unique visitor”
  1. Thanks to Mr. Boch for insightful and timely posting, which makes this a must-go site for anyone interested in the gun issue in Illinois.

  2. And we thank all those behind this project. This web site provides a unique service to freedom loving Americans. It would be interesting (and probably surprising) to see web server stats showing visitor numbers from each state.

    Thank you to the entire team, and especially the “ringleaders”.

  3. CONGRATS! And thank you for your tireless support of our God-given Constitutionally PROTECTED Rights!! With God on our side, who would prevail against us? May those who try be “monetarily challenged” after the fact.

  4. I am an exiled Illinoisan with no expectation of retiring in my home state for (at least) two reasons: no concealed carry and out of control tax rates (with more baked into your future).

    I was happy to spot a Burma-shave type promo for your website along I-72 eastbound into Champaign and I’ve been following it since.

    Keep up the good work. Maybe you will be instrumental in removing one reason not to re-settle in Illinois.

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