Chicago had two dozen wounded and a couple killed this past weekend.

New York City had over two dozen wounded with three killed this past weekend.

What do these cities have in common (aside from would-be gun grabber, nanny-state mayors?)

How about some of the strictest gun control in the nation!

Chicago has a long list of hoops law-abiding residents need to endure to own a firearm and keep it at their home.  Ditto for New York City.

New York State even passed the “SAFE Act” earlier this year which was supposed to stop criminal violence with guns by banning many commonly used self-defense guns and imposing strict limits on guns that remain legal.

Gun control only increases violent crime.  Every time.

2 thoughts on “Dozens of shootings in Chicago, New York City: Common link? Strict gun control.”
  1. How about looking at New York over the course of the last six months? where murders have dropped from 202 in 2012 to 154 in 2013?
    or did you not want folks to know that?
    It’s in the New York Times – June 28, 2013

    1. And I always believe everything the New York Times says. It’s the formost expert on everything. Just ask them.

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