Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced the framework of his coming amendatory veto of the right-to-carry compromise on Sunday in an interview which aired on Fox Chicago.

Instead of displaying leadership on the issue of right-to-carry in Illinois after the December 2012 Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Illinois’ prohibition on carry outside the home, Quinn has sat on the sidelines lobbing rhetorical hand-grenades into the discussions both with legislative leaders in the General Assembly and in the mainstream media.

Instead of being a role-model as a hands-on governor, Quinn has instead abdicated his role until the final minutes of the 11th hour, leaving Illinois a rudderless ship adrift at sea about to run aground on a July 9th deadline set by the federal appeals court.

With so-called leadership like Governor Quinn’s, it’s no wonder the pension system in Illinois is such a mess.

What’s coming from our fearless governor who walks around with a phalanx of state-paid bodyguards in terms of an amendatory veto?

In short: a ban on semi-autos rifles, pistols and shotguns, magazine bans, and a may-issue re-write of the carry bill.  The governor might even throw in some additional regulations as well, just for good measure as he tries to maintain some semblance of relevance in Illinois politics.  Quinn has demonstrated time and time again of late that his primary and overarching concern isn’t so much the health and safety of residents of Illinois, but his job.

It’ll probably be announced tomorrow in Chicago at the Thompson Center.

If he’s so concerned about the safety of Illinois citizens, we at Guns Save Life invite the good governor to apply his proposal first to his bodyguard detail.  After all, if it’s good enough for Illinois’ residents, shouldn’t it be good enough for him as well?

The governor is fond of saying “let the will of the people be the law of the land”.  Well, governor, when 85 representatives and forty-some senators vote on a bi-partisan compromise measure, that would seem to be the overwhelming will of the people.

Our prediction:  Quinn’s amendatory veto will be over-ridden, most lickety-split.

We’ll even predict when it will happen:  July 9, 2013 or July 10th at the latest.  The only wildcard, so to speak, is whether or not Senate President Cullerton will call the bill for a vote on the veto.  Three weeks ago, the talk was that Cullerton might be reluctant to call the bill.  Today, there’s talk that even Kwame Raoul might vote for an over-ride.

This governor is incredibly unpopular even among his former allies.  Nobody wants to stand with Quinn on this, aside from his also unpopular Lt. Governor Sheila Simon who is Quinn’s intellectual match.


13 thoughts on “Governor announces his pending amendatory veto”
  1. I’m curious to know if Governor Quinn is left handed? Why you ask? Well, it looks like a pocket holster bulging in his left front pant pocket?

    1. I’m 98% sure he’s a southpaw. I seem to recall him signing with his left hand, kind of like that other infamous Illinois politician currently occupying the White House.

    2. hey, quit with the lefty comments, I’m not like Governor Egghead or that other work of art!!!

  2. If he’s already given an interview on it, why a formal announcement? Perhaps for some taxpayer-subsidized “free” publicity? If he wants to explain himself he should go to the Legislature to do it, not to the Thompson Center.

  3. The “bodyguard” on the right in the tan polo needs to wear one size bigger. Your printing pretty bad brother!

  4. Well somebody should let egghead know that he’ll be replaced by Dan Rutherford anyway So go pack your stuff (. If you got anything in Springfield. ). Your probably like your buddy. And go home to Chicago every day. You buddy did that didn’t he you know who I mean the one in prison. Mr blagoroovich Yea he’s doin 14 years. How many do you think you’ll get. Turn some more prisoners loose you. #}%^£<•+=•

  5. I attended the Skokie Village Hall meeting last night (Jul-1)with
    my neighbor, the ISRA Rep. was there also. With an 8 to 1 majority
    aginst, the vote was unanimous by the board (for). There are a lot
    of community’s that need house cleaning. Gov. Quinn and the Chicago
    Dem’s know exactly what they are doing. Remember to VOTE

  6. if quinn is intrested in public safety, he would have signed
    the bill last month

  7. Now that. You know. Your out and that your turncoat buddy in New York has befriended you. You’ll probably. Release some more prisoners. Like you did before and your rep . Friend George Ryan. Is now a free man you might want to go to Kankakee this weekend. And send some time with him and sort of get endoctrinated ( how about that word John )? As to what you can look forward to you crook — you better give yourself a raise before you go !!!! Say. Hello to Rod for me. !!!!!!! –“”–

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