From the land of the sheeple…

Scared to death of something they know little about.

Couple discover 7,500 machine gun, shotgun and pistol bullets in their back garden while weeding their pond

Neil Tipping, 33, and Eleanor Mercer, 32, led police to haul in their garden
Pair reluctant to continue living in their rented home in Leeds
Police are investigating how bullets ended up in couple’s pond
Living room in the house was also searched by police looking for bullets

By Peyvand Khorsandi

(Daily Mail) – A couple who recently moved into a rented home discovered a cache of 7,500 bullets in a pond in their back garden.

Neil Tipping, 33, who lives with his girlfriend Eleanor Mercer, 32, made the shocking discovery while he was clearing weeds from the water feature.

He said he saw a flash of metal and thought it was a piece of gold, but upon closer inspection he found that it was actually a bullet.

Police officers arrived at the house where they discovered 2.2mm rifle rounds, up to 30 machine gun rounds, shotgun cartridges, and a cache of 9mm and 8mm rounds.

Check out those “machinegun” rounds. They look suspiciously like .22 long rifle cartridges, don’t they?

Hands-on: A police officer wearing purple gloves lines up bullets found in pond

Safe: Despite the thousands of bullets that were found, the police did not feel the need to evacuate the couple

OMG!  A couple of cartons of .22s!  Heavens!  Should we evacuate?!

Now the pair are worried there may be more rounds of undiscovered ammunition in their home.

Mr Tipping said: ‘It’s really unnerved us. I’m terrified that next time I’m mowing the lawn I’ll run over a bullet that hasn’t been found yet. One of us could be seriously hurt.

Mr. Tipping is a twit.

5 thoughts on “Brits find some .22s in backyard, fear and hilarity ensues”
  1. Keep. Looking around. Stupid. Maybe you can find some more. Aubrey they’ll be dry. You might just find. A gun or 2. And. If you don’t call the cops you maybe could have some fun and. Actually. Shoot some out back. Or at a range. Of course if your on Illinois. You
    Would automatically. Become a felon. Unless of course you DO have a foid card. … Although I doubt that !!!! –“”–

  2. Hmmm… I wonder what would actually happen if you ran over a bullet with a lawn mower? Obviously the article is WAY over the top by even considering “evacuating” over some ammo, but is the lawn mower scenario a legitimate concern? At the very least, there is always the slight chance that the blade would strike the primer first lol

    1. If somehow a round managed to fire, the bullet, being much heavier than the brass casing, would remain relatively stationary and the brass would be ejected away from the bullet. There would not be much velocity nor much danger, since not being confined to a chamber and barrel, there would be no way to develop much pressure beyond that of the firing primer. Once the bullet and casing separated, the powder would just burn. The same thing would happen if a loaded round were tossed into a fire.

  3. And to think the ancestors of this fool formerly ran nearly the entire world, only to eagerly surrender it all back….. Where are the tough, fearless men of the UK?

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