He did it.  Governor “Jello” formally announced his amendatory veto of HB-183.

It’s comical.

1.  I’m not going to detail the contents because it doesn’t matter.  Quinn’s proposal is in full arrest, just as it was when he announced it.  DOA doesn’t begin to describe how dead it is.  That dog don’t hunt.  It’s a non-starter.

2.  Part of it limits license holders to a single gun and up to ten rounds of ammo.  If Quinn thinks that’s such a good idea, let’s let his protective detail give that a try and test run it there.  After all, if he feels it’s good enough to protect your family, why shouldn’t it be good enough for him, right?

Laughably, things went sideways on Quinn even as he was trying to pander to the lowest of the low-information voters.

If Governor Patrick Quinn thought offering up a far-left, anti-gun amendatory veto of the bill passed overwhelmingly in the Illinois General Assembly was going to curry favor with Michael Bloomberg and his deep pocketbook, Quinn didn’t have to wait long for an answer.

Bloomberg endorsed Bill Daley for the upcoming Governor’s race this morning.

Translation, Quinn’s re-election goose is cooked, as Chicago is the home to the vast majority of low-information Democrat voters – the very people who narrowly swept him into office last election by the slimmest of margins.  Those low-information voters are going to see a Daley on the ballot and like little lemmings, they are going to vote for that Daley person.

Been nice knowing you, Patrick Quinn.

Hope you have your golden parachute ready for deployment and it lands you outside the confines of a federal correction facility…


10 thoughts on “Quinn offers up gun control veto while Bloomberg endorses Quinn’s primary opponent”
  1. Forget the golden parachute, this man needs a straight jacket and a clown nose.

    What a baffoon!

  2. Does anyone think it would be possible to get some “new” DNA into the gene pool of Chicago and Illinois politics?

    Daley – another status quo – Chicago machine Governor.
    I believe that the citizens of Illinois deserve more out of a Governor than one that is controlled by the “boys” in Chicago.

  3. A better likeness, rather than a horse’s rear, would be a jackASS’s rear, the above picture is an insult to fine horses everywhere. Let’s hope the legislature over-rides this joke on the citizens of Illinois so quick it slams up side of “clueless’s” (Quinn’s) head so hard it spins him into oblivion. This “joke” is not funny.

  4. We will all be sorry if a Daley, Madigan, or Quinn gets in office. Il. can’t afford any of them.

  5. Yep. I. Want to thank Dan Rutherford for showing up at our meeting tonite. We need to get behind him and support him financially. And. Volunteering for him. We need him to be our next. Governor. For several. Reasons. This egg head Quinn has GOT to go !! –“”–


  7. Illinois the Banana Republic of Amerika.

    For what its worth in Southern Illinois we refer to the Chicago voter as the Low Information, Gender confused voter

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