Don’t look for Kahr pistols to say Worcester, MA for much longer…

Kahr Arms bids farewell to anti-gun slave states New York and Massachusetts…

(Pocono Record) – A gun manufacturer is considering buying the entire 620-acre Pike County business park for $2 million to escape an unfriendly gun climate in New York.

Kahr Firearms Group would move its corporate headquarters from in Pearl River, N.Y., to Pike County, bringing a some 100 jobs, company spokesman Frank Harris said.

Some jobs will be temporary construction, others will be administrative and manufacturing. The business would be built in phases…

“We were ready to sign a deal in rural Orange County, N.Y. But when the governor passed stricter gun control, it made it tough to continue on that path, so we jumped over the river,” Harris said.

“New York has become very unfriendly to people in the gun business. We feel like we are being treated like criminals in New York. That is one of the reasons we are coming to Pennsylvania.”



2 thoughts on “Kahr Arms bailing on New York and Massachusetts”
  1. Politicians don’t understand that people are dynamic. They move and change when it’s too much hassle. Kahr moves out of ny. Muggers go to other lines of work when concealed carry makes robbery dangerous. Why can’t they understand that?

    1. I can answer that last question. They don’t understand that because they don’t give people credit for having any intelligence. Who does a politician have to please? Only the low information voter that returns him to his place of power every two, four, or six years. They may realize that a few people have intelligence, but they don’t have to worry about them; they only have to worry about the low information types.

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