My modem gave up the ghost and they said they could mail me a new one in five to seven business days.


So I get to go to their office and wait in line behind a bunch of FSA types to get a new one Monday.  Until then, I’m like the fine car above.

Anyone wanna buy a modem?  Runs great!

Maybe it’s time to call Pavlov and see about their service.

6 thoughts on “Light posting… Thank Comcast, in part.”
  1. Trust me when I say that Pavlov is just as bad if not worse than comcast. I’ve been on both sides and as much as their customer service sucks they are still much better than Pavlov. Also their speeds were about 10x slower than Comcast

  2. Buy your own modem, never rent from the service provider. At the very least, buy one for a backup.

  3. WHY are you calling ANYONE when your modem breaks? What’s wrong with you? Go to the store and buy your own damned modem. You can install it youself in half an hour.

  4. Found out my modem was my own, not one of theirs. Wasted trip, thanks to the tech.

    They were more than willing to hook me up for $8 a month.

    That’s like rent-to-own furniture for the FSA Obama voters! I told them they could keep it.

    Modem bought. $80ish with tax.

    Thanks, but no thanks, Comcast.

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