Days of our Trailers connects some dots.

July 9th…… July 9th…. Where have I heard that date before?  Hmmm… Let me think…


No, he’s not talking about National No Bra Day.

Oh right, it just ‘happens’ to be the day that the courts have given the state to pass a CCW bill before the ban goes away and we ‘go over the cliff’.

So knowing the keystone legislators we have in this state, one can fully expect it to be a complete circus w/ victims being trotted out to tell their stories to try and guilt the pols into supporting a veto along w/ the same ‘debates’ that have been hashed, rehashed and hashed again in committees.  Quinn wants a ‘no carry’ bill and he doesn’t care how many pairs of blood dancing shoes he ruins to get it.

Go read the rest of it.

2 thoughts on “Days of our Trailers: IL Special Session July 9th… Hmmmm”
  1. I am thinking. That soon they’ll have to issue more. Cards like our foid card. — it’ll be a B O I D card. Because this weekend n they’re using. Bats to kill people. Then they’ll have to issue. A. K O I D. Card. Because they are make and more using knives to kill people. —— soooooo good guys will now. Have to apply. For. FOID– BOID– & KOID cards—- how. About that Quinn – maddigan ( S ) Cullerton McCarthy And sweet little Rahm Doesn’t that sound like something you should follow up on ????

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